Jonathan Hedley was man who spent his whole life abused by people who had power of him, swearing to one day be the one in power to take his revenge. He grew into a conceited novelist turned radio host with a tremendous distaste for the superhuman community that attempted to spread his views to others through the media, but often was ignored and mocked for his views. After voicing distaste over Orion saving a gunman and how bystanders listened to Orion's words over his own, Hedley discovered the sword relic of the Old Gods of the Second World teleported to Earth by Fastbak in a bid to keep it from Darkseid's clutches.

After touching the sword, Hedley was imbued with the power of the Old Gods and went about using his power to upstage superheroes, starting with easily stopping a bank robbery to upstage Superman. However, Superman rebuffed his attempt at humiliation by thanking Hedley for his assistance, angering Hedley and encouraging him to try to upstage Orion. Hedley egged on Orion to battle him but was refused until he made an insensitive remark about Orion's parentage. He engaged Orion in combat, and was defeated before having his sword and powers taken from him by Highfather who came to collect the sword in person.

Bereft of his power, Hedley went to his household to sulk before being attacked by Infernus, sent by Darkseid to retrieve the sword and ignorant of its possession under Highfather, and saved by Orion. Unwilling to admit inferiority to Orion, Orion reflected on how Hedley's unwillingness to admit personal defeat made them similar, angering Hedley who swore he could prove his superiority if he had the power to do so.[1]

enemy of the New Gods



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