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Jonathan Vincent Horne was elected President of the United States after the resignation of Pete Ross.

Secret History, Sacred Trust

Members of the Justice League of America discuss the South American nations of Santa Bertriza and Del Canto, both of which appear to have begun using metahumans to quell political dissent. At the Watchtower, the League talks about what it should do about these countries, and the possibility of international terrorism. Aquaman is the most vocal about respecting the sovereignty of the two nations, but the rest of the League agree that something must be done.

They meet with the President, who had already been appraised of the situation by Faith. He supports the League, but Aquaman insists they go first to the United Nations.

In South America, Del Canto's leader, Victor Blasco, discusses the success of their metahuman program with its creator, Dr. Hernandez, and expresses his fears that Santa Bertriza has stolen their process. However, in Santa Bertriza, leader Paco de la Fuente discusses with the metahuman Tadeo his feeling that Del Canto had stolen their process.

The United Nations, after rejecting the President's case, refuses to allow the Justice League to interfere. Consequently, the Leaguers decide to go to South America anyway, but they do so without their super-hero costumes.

Horne runs interference with the international community, with assistance from Aquaman and J'onn J'onnz who pose as the rest of the League.

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