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Jack Kellor was a British crimelord who worked to bring his own family down.

Jack Kellor is the son of famed British crime boss, Jonathan Kellor. When Jack was only sixteen-years-old, his father sent him out to conduct his first mob hit. He killed another man with his pistol at point-blank range – an act that would traumatize Jack for a long time.

Despite his misgivings however, Jack was fully indoctrinated into the family business. The Kellors maintained a stranglehold on London's underworld, not only through merciless strong-arming, but through their knowledge of occult forces as well. Jack slowly developed the ability to perceive events taking place at alternate locations. He also worked closely with his father's chief confidante – a Haitian priest known only as the Bocor.

Years would pass before the mother of the man he killed would track him down and tell him exactly what kind of person Jack Kellor truly was. For the first time in his life, Jack felt remorse. It was at that moment that he decided to secretly plot the downfall of the Kellor family.

A few years ago, Jonathan Kellor passed away and the family empire was placed into Jack's hands. Jack now had the power to bring the family down once and for all. Only one thing stood in his way – the Bocor.

  • Jack Kellor is also known as Jack the Giant Killer.