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Quote1.png Jonathan Kent taught me that the strong have to stand up for the weak and that bullies don't like being bullied back. He taught me that a good heart is worth more than all the money in the bank. He taught me about life and death. He taught me that the measure of a man lies not in what he says but what he does. And he showed me by example how to be tough, and how to be kind and how to dream of a better world. Quote2.png
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Jonathan Kent was the foster father of Superman.

A farmer who, alongside his wife Martha, found an infant child in a ditch within a rocket. This boy was Kal-El of Krypton, who he would raise as his own son, Clark; in time, thanks to their guidance, Clark would grow to become Earths' greatest champion, Superman. Jonathan died shortly after the beginning of his sons' career as a superhero by way of a fatal heart attack.