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Quote1.png We are the Kents. We found an alien child, kept him a secret from the government and he grew up to be a murderous dictator. Quote2.png
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Jonathan Kent was the foster father of Superman.

Martha and Jonathan Kent make their first appearance when the United States Government kidnaps them in order to force Superman to stop his actions around the world. Clark eventually recovers his parents, but keeps them in the Fortress of Solitude instead of the Kent farm.

Lex Luthor finishes designing the 5-U-93-R pill in the Fortress, and discusses the future impact it could have with the Kents. Martha tells Lex of the time when she and her husband discovered Clark's powers, and connects it to his current tirade.

When Batman and the Insurgency attempt to infiltrate the Fortress to steal the 5-U-93-R pill, Clark feels their endangerment and flies to the fortress to confront the Insurgents. In the ensuing clash, he kills Captain Atom, and Green Arrow before Martha is forced to ingest one of the pills and stop him. Martha, Jonathan, and a hologram of Jor-El attempt to stop Clark from killing Bruce, but they fail and Superman flies out of the fortress.

Jonathan Kent was voiced by Kevin Pollak in Injustice.



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