When Clark Kent was sent to Earth-2 by Clark Luthor, he encountered an alternate version of his father, Jonathan at Oliver Queen's funeral. Although this Jonathan has completely different personality. Jonathan is broken and angry man who lives on the abandoned Kent farm alone. This Jonathan was also divorced from Martha, who couldn't bear to be with him when he became so obsessed, being a shadow of his former self. He hated the Queens for buying his Farm during the first meteor shower after is was destroyed. Clark followed Jonathan back to the broken down Kent Farm where Jonathan knocked him out using kryptonite. Jonathan, thinking that this was Clark Luthor, told him that he knew Clark came from the meteor shower and that he had found a heap of Gold kryptonite, hoping it was worth money, but it wasn't.

Clark explained to Jonathan that he was not Clark Luthor, and he was from a world where Jonathan and Martha had raised him, and that he could prove it by showing him his grandmother's shotgun and reciting a quote that Jonathan had told him. Jonathan, finally believing Clark, let him go and, wishing him luck before and calling him "son" before Clark was unwillingly pulled back into his world. Later, Jonathan, now with a cleaned up look, went to go see Martha Kent at her apartment in Metropolis.

  • Jonathan Kent was portrayed by John Schneider.
  • Also his true fate was never mentioned, he possible died when Monitor destroyed his world.



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