Jonathan Kent is the son of the Earth's greatest hero, Kal-El aka Superman, and the famous Daily Planet reporter, Lois Lane.


After the undoing of John Deegan's Elseworlds, Lois Lane revealed to her husband, Clark Kent, that they were going to have a child; later, the couple decided to move to Argo City as they believed Lois' pregnancy could be less difficult there.[2] The child was born around September or October 2019 and was named Jonathan.[3]

In December 2019, the Crisis erupted as the Anti-Monitor was freed from his prison so he could unleash an antimatter wave on the Multiverse: as the realities were being erased from the antimatter, Earth-38 was rapidly reached by the antimatter and Argo City was among the first places in the universe on its course.

Jonathan's cousin, Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl, tried to warn Clark and Lois about the incoming menace but it was too late as the sky turned red and the wall of antimatter energy was already upon Argo City. Jonathan's great-aunt, Alura, advised her beloved nephew to use a spacepod to save their son from the death, like Jonathan's grandparents did with his father many years before.

As Clark and Lois tearfully said goodbye to their son, the rocket was sent away from Argo City but, after leaving its atmosphere, it fell into a wormhole that made the rocket land in Star City on the futuristic Earth-16 where the pod was found by an alternate Oliver Queen so the Green Arrow rescued the baby and took him into the Arrowcave.

After being saved by Lyla Michaels aka Harbinger, Clark and Lois made Brainiac-5 track Jonathan's pod to the alternate reality. As Superman was needed on Earth-38, Lois offered herself to rescue his baby son on the alternate reality along with Brainiac-5 and Sara Lance who had previously visited the future reality.

The group arrived to Earth-16 and entered the Arrowcave. After Oliver Queen attacked them, believing them to be enemies, Lois Lane rushed to take her son back and, later, they returned to Earth-38. Eventually, Jonathan left Earth-38 along with his parents before the universe was erased by the antimatter, finding refuge on the heroes' new base, the Waverider.[3]

In order to entertain Jonathan, Clark thought to visit the Fortress of Solitude to retreve a Kryptonian rattle to gift him but, as the Kryptonian hero was still traumatized by his home reality's end, he somehow came to Earth-86, believing the Fortress was the one from his universe.[4]

While his parents were out in the Multiverse, Jonathan was entrusted to Earth-74 Mick Rory who calmed him and read his novels to him. Later, Jonathan also met his father's counterpart who affirmed that the baby reminded him of his son, Jason.[5]

Eventually, Jonathan was erased from existence along with everyone on the Waverider when the Anti-Monitor unleashed his antimatter wave upon the timeship.[6]


After the Paragons rebooted the Multiverse, Jonathan was brought back to life on the fresh born Earth-Prime as its original universe was merged into the new reality. Jonathan's life is a little different in the new universe as he now has a twin brother.[7]

When Jonathan and his twin brother Jordan were born, their parents took them to the Fortress of Solitude and tested them for superpowers. The tests indicated they were unlikely to develop powers and therefore Clark decided not to reveal his secret to them, although Lois wanted to.

Jonathan was more sociable and popular than Jordan, who suffered from an anxiety disorder. He was also a naturally gifted athlete who was chosen to be the starting quarterback of his high school’s football team as a freshman. Although he would sometimes tease his brother he usually tried to look out for him and the two were close. He would also join his father and grandfather for fishing trips which Jordan did not want to go on.

The week that the Kent brothers started high school, their grandmother Martha Kent suddenly died. At the funeral reception in Smallville they met a local girl named Sarah Cushing who they were both instantly attracted to. Jonathan, who already had a girlfriend, encouraged Jordan to pursue her as she seemed interested in him. The three went into the barn where Jordan fell from a hayloft and a stack of heavy metal poles fell on him. Jonathan threw himself on top of Jordan, seemingly shielding him, and both boys walked away with only minor injuries.

While their parents were in town, Jordan and Jonathan investigated the barn and found a secret underground chamber where their father’s space pod was stored. When Lois and Clark returned, the brothers confronted them and Clark revealed that he was Superman, and that they believed Jonathan had inherited his superpowers. Jordan ran away distraught and Jonathan chased after him, warning their father to stay away from them.

That night, Jordan snuck out to a party and got into a fight with Sarah’s boyfriend Sean. Jonathan had tracked Jordan down and arrived just in time to intervene but Sean and his friends beat him up. Jonathan was injured by the attack, indicating that he was not invulnerable as he had assumed. Jordan suddenly demonstrated heat vision and blasted a nearby bonfire, causing an explosion which scattered the partygoers and saved Jonathan from Sean.

Clark arrived and took them both back to the farmhouse, where Jordan remembered that when Jonathan jumped on top of him, he had felt a surge of strength and turned them over so that Jordan was shielding Jonathan instead. Jonathan made an insensitive joke about the dangers Jordan’s powers could present but quickly apologised, and the next morning assured him he was not jealous that his brother had powers and he did not.[8]

The Kents relocated to Smallville, to be closer as a family and to allow Jordan to safely explore his powers. Jonathan agreed to the move to help his brother, although it meant leaving his entire life behind. Their parents kept Jordan out of school until he could control his powers and Jon went to Smallville High alone, the first time the twins had been separated. Jonathan had trouble adjusting to the move and his usual confidence was shaken, although he tried to hide his feelings from Jordan. To make matters worse, Sean and his friends, who played on the school football team, sabotaged Jonathan by preventing him receiving the team’s playbook and humiliated him during practice. Jonathan was chosen as the backup quarterback, rather than a starter as he anticipated.

Jon became increasingly frustrated with the radical change to his life and jealous of Jordan. Clark took Jordan to the Fortress of Solitude where he was subjected to tests that indicated his manifestation of superpowers were freak occurrences and unlikely to develop into full Kryptonian powers. When they returned home, Jonathan’s frustrations with Jordan life boiled over when he heard his brother complain that he was not special as he had believed, and the two got into a shouting match until Lois broke it up. That night the brothers made up and Jonathan promised to help Jordan discover the truth about why his powers suddenly manifested.[9]

The Kent twins were outcasts at Smallville High and Jordan was a target for bullying by Sean and others on the football team despite Jonathan’s best efforts to protect him. During a particularly severe incident where Jordan had a panic attack and almost activated his heat vision their father suddenly appeared at the school, revealing that he regularly spied on them with his super-hearing, although he promised not to do it again when they complained.

Jordan tried out for the school football team in order to confront Sean and the others who bullied him. Jonathan tried to convince Jordan that it was a bad idea but his brother was insistent and proved to be dominant on the field. Jonathan was irritated that Jordan was succeeding at something that had always been his, and asked him why he was playing as Jordan had always hated sports. When their parents learned that Jordan had joined the team they forbade him to play. Jonathan was initially pleased at the restoration of the status quo, but when he spoke to Jordan to assure himself that his brother was okay, he recognised how depressed Jordan was. He noticed another player text Jordan, who had never previously had any friends, and realised that playing on the team was what was best for him. Jonathan was able to convince Clark to let Jordan play on the team by telling him how his confidence and social skills had improved while playing.[10]

Jordan quickly became the team’s star player and Jonathan was pushed into the background, something he found difficult to adjust to. He befriended a player called Tag Harris who had been injured in the bonfire explosion, the two bonding over the fact that neither of them got to play. When Jonathan noticed Tag behaving oddly he tried to inform his father, but Tag insisted he was fine and Clark left to deal with escaped supervillain Thaddeus Killgrave. As Clark had stopped to listen to Jonathan’s concerns, Killgrave got away, and the boy’s grandfather General Sam Lane privately told them not to distract their father from his duties as Superman.

At a party, an agitated Tag fled alone into the woods, followed by Jonathan and Jordan. They found Tag suffering immense pain from uncontrollable superspeed. Jonathan wanted to call Clark for help, but Jordan, remembering Sam’s warnings and blaming himself for Tag’s situation, tried to help him. Tag threw Jordan away, knocking him unconscious. Jonathan used Jordan’s signalling device to call Clark, who was losing a fight with Killgrave. Hearing his son’s cry for help, Superman overpowered Killgrave and flew to Smallville, carrying Tag into the upper atmosphere where he passed out.

Back at home, Jonathan admitted to Jordan that he was jealous of him and assured him that he was not responsible for Tag’s problems. The brothers told their parents that Sam had told them not to bother Clark with their problems, to Lois and Clark’s fury.[11]

Jon invited his girlfriend Eliza to visit Smallville for the Harvest Festival, and although she initially agreed to come, she dumped him the day before she was supposed to arrive. After school, Jonathan told his parents that he wanted to move back to Metropolis, as a friend of his had agreed to let him stay with them. At the Festival, Jonathan met up with two older boys and got drunk on liquor they had brought with them.

He and his friends drunkenly made fun of Jordan and Sarah, who were on a date, and Sarah stormed off in disgust at his behaviour. He apologised to Jordan but when their parents found them they sent the boys home. After Jon sobered up Clark told him that he would not be punished, but asked him to give Smallville a chance, telling him they would discuss allowing him to move to Metropolis if he was unable to find happiness in Smallville.[12]


  • Athletics: Jonathan is a naturally gifted athlete beyond the abilities of most boys his age. This may be due to latent superpowers.[8]

  • Jonathan is named after his adoptive paternal grandfather, Jonathan Kent.
  • Jonathan's rescue attempt at the beginning of the Crisis mirrors the opening of the original Crisis where Alexander Luthor, Sr. and his wife sent their son away from Earth-Three to save him from their world's annihilation.
    • Clark's final words to his son are also a reference to the last words that his father said to him, before the end of Krypton, years before.



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