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Jonathan "Jon" Kent is the son of the Earth's sole superhero, Clark Kent aka Superman, and the famous reporter Lois Lane.

Early Life

When Jonathan and his twin brother Jordan were born, their parents took them to the Fortress of Solitude and tested them for superpowers. The tests indicated they were unlikely to develop powers and therefore Clark decided not to reveal his secret to them, despite Lois wanting to.

Jonathan was more sociable and popular than Jordan, who suffered from an anxiety disorder. He was also a naturally gifted athlete who was chosen to be the starting quarterback of his high school's football team as a freshman. Although he would sometimes tease his brother he usually tried to look out for him and the two were close. He would also join his father and grandfather for fishing trips which Jordan did not want to go on.

Season One

Superman & Lois TV Series Episode Pilot 001

Jonathan at Martha's funeral

The week that the Kent brothers started high school, their grandmother Martha Kent suddenly died. At the funeral reception in Smallville they met a local girl named Sarah Cushing who they were both instantly attracted to. Jonathan, who already had a girlfriend, encouraged Jordan to pursue her as she seemed interested in him. The three went into the barn where Jordan fell from a hayloft and a stack of heavy metal poles fell on him. Jonathan threw himself on top of Jordan, seemingly shielding him, and both boys walked away with only minor injuries.

While their parents were in town, Jordan and Jonathan investigated the barn and found a secret underground chamber where their father's space pod was stored. When Lois and Clark returned, the brothers confronted them and Clark revealed that he was Superman, and that they believed Jonathan had inherited his superpowers. Jordan ran away distraught and Jonathan chased after him, warning their father to stay away from them.

That night, Jordan snuck out to a party and got into a fight with Sarah's boyfriend Sean. Jonathan had tracked Jordan down and arrived just in time to intervene but Sean and his friends beat him up. Jonathan was injured by the attack, indicating that he was not invulnerable as he had assumed. Jordan suddenly demonstrated heat vision and blasted a nearby bonfire, causing an explosion which scattered the partygoers and saved Jonathan from Sean.

Clark arrived and took them both back to the farmhouse, where Jordan remembered that when Jonathan jumped on top of him, he had felt a surge of strength and turned them over so that Jordan was shielding Jonathan instead. Jonathan made an insensitive joke about the dangers Jordan's powers could present but quickly apologised, and the next morning assured him he was not jealous that his brother had powers and he did not.[1]

Smallville Crows 002

Jonathan with the Smallville Crows

The Kents relocated to Smallville, to be closer as a family and to allow Jordan to safely explore his powers. Jonathan agreed to the move to help his brother, although it meant leaving his entire life behind. Their parents kept Jordan out of school until he could control his powers and Jon went to Smallville High alone, the first time the twins had been separated. Jonathan had trouble adjusting to the move and his usual confidence was shaken, although he tried to hide his feelings from Jordan. To make matters worse, Sean and his friends, who played on the school football team, sabotaged Jonathan by preventing him receiving the team's playbook and humiliated him during practice. Jonathan was chosen as the backup quarterback, rather than a starter as he anticipated.

Jon became increasingly frustrated with the radical change to his life and jealous of Jordan. Clark took Jordan to the Fortress of Solitude where he was subjected to tests that indicated his manifestation of superpowers were freak occurrences and unlikely to develop into full Kryptonian powers. When they returned home, Jonathan's frustrations with Jordan life boiled over when he heard his brother complain that he was not special as he had believed, and the two got into a shouting match until Lois broke it up. That night the brothers made up and Jonathan promised to help Jordan discover the truth about why his powers suddenly manifested.[2]

The Kent twins were outcasts at Smallville High and Jordan was a target for bullying by Sean and others on the football team despite Jonathan's best efforts to protect him. During a particularly severe incident where Jordan had a panic attack and almost activated his heat vision their father suddenly appeared at the school, revealing that he regularly spied on them with his super-hearing, although he promised not to do it again when they complained.

Jordan tried out for the school football team in order to confront Sean and the others who bullied him. Jonathan tried to convince Jordan that it was a bad idea but his brother was insistent and proved to be dominant on the field. Jonathan was irritated that Jordan was succeeding at something that had always been his, and asked him why he was playing as Jordan had always hated sports. When their parents learned that Jordan had joined the team they forbade him to play. Jonathan was initially pleased at the restoration of the status quo, but when he spoke to Jordan to assure himself that his brother was okay, he recognised how depressed Jordan was. He noticed another player text Jordan, who had never previously had any friends, and realised that playing on the team was what was best for him. Jonathan was able to convince Clark to let Jordan play on the team by telling him how his confidence and social skills had improved while playing.[3]

Jordan quickly became the team's star player and Jonathan was pushed into the background, something he found difficult to adjust to. He befriended a player called Tag Harris who had been injured in the bonfire explosion, the two bonding over the fact that neither of them got to play. When Jonathan noticed Tag behaving oddly he tried to inform his father, but Tag insisted he was fine and Clark left to deal with escaped supervillain Thaddeus Killgrave. As Clark had stopped to listen to Jonathan's concerns, Killgrave got away, and the boy's grandfather General Sam Lane privately told them not to distract their father from his duties as Superman.

At a party, an agitated Tag fled alone into the woods, followed by Jonathan and Jordan. They found Tag suffering immense pain from uncontrollable superspeed. Jonathan wanted to call Clark for help, but Jordan, remembering Sam's warnings and blaming himself for Tag's situation, tried to help him. Tag threw Jordan away, knocking him unconscious. Jonathan used Jordan's signaling device to call Clark, who was losing a fight with Killgrave. Hearing his son's cry for help, Superman overpowered Killgrave and flew to Smallville, carrying Tag into the upper atmosphere where he passed out.

Back at home, Jonathan admitted to Jordan that he was jealous of him and assured him that he was not responsible for Tag's problems. The brothers told their parents that Sam had told them not to bother Clark with their problems, to Lois and Clark's fury.[4]

Jon invited his girlfriend Eliza to visit Smallville for the Harvest Festival, and although she initially agreed to come, she dumped him the day before she was supposed to arrive. After school, Jonathan told his parents that he wanted to move back to Metropolis, as a friend of his had agreed to let him stay with them. At the Festival, Jonathan met up with two older boys and got drunk on liquor they had brought with them.

He and his friends drunkenly made fun of Jordan and Sarah, who were on a date, and Sarah stormed off in disgust at his behavior. He apologised to Jordan but when their parents found them they sent the boys home. After Jon sobered up Clark told him that he would not be punished, but asked him to give Smallville a chance, telling him they would discuss allowing him to move to Metropolis if he was unable to find happiness in Smallville.[5]

Jordan was attacked by Tag and began experiencing painful migraines. Jonathan wanted to tell their parents but Jordan was worried Clark would forbid him to play if he knew and begged Jonathan not to tell. The Crows' next game was against Jonathan's old team in Metropolis, which was made up of the kids used to pick on Jordan and he desperately wanted to beat them.

At the game the Crows' quarterback was tackled by Cutter, Eliza's new boyfriend. Jonathan was sent in to replace him and the Kent brothers managed to rally the team and lead them to an unlikely victory, with Jonathan scoring the final touchdown. While Jonathan was scoring, the entire Metropolis team piled on Jordan and the two teams fought. Jordan had another attack and an uncontrollable burst of heat vision, which Clark blocked with his hand.

Back at the hotel room, Jonathan told Clark about Jordan's migraines and he chastised them for not telling him. Clark had to leave when Sarah's mother called him and he learned that Sarah had been kidnapped by Tag. When Clark went out to look for Sarah some of their teammates invited them to go out and celebrate, which Jordan enthusiastically agreed to although Jonathan was reluctant. Cutter and some other Metropolis players tracked them down and began to harass Jordan, with Cutter trying to goad him into a fight. Although Jonathan tried to talk him down, Jordan swung at Cutter's head with his full strength, which would have seriously injured or possibly killed him if it connected. Jonathan caught Jordan's fist in midair, which shattered the bones in his hand and wrist. As a result of the injury Jonathan was faced with the prospect of losing mobility in his hand and never playing again. Jordan was wracked with guilt but Jonathan refused to accept his apology.[6]

It was revealed that Jordan's migraines were caused by his emerging super-hearing, which he could not control. Jordan needed to stay home from school until he learned to control his hearing, meaning Jonathan was once again required to lie to provide cover. At school, Sarah was cold towards him, as she could tell the Kents were keeping something from her. Jonathan told Sarah that Jordan had been injured by Tag and was suffering debilitating headaches, which was technically true but misleading. He also guilted Sarah by claiming Jordan hadn't told her to keep her from worrying, and chastised her for not asking about his broken wrist. Although he hated doing it, his manipulation was effective to the point that Sarah felt bad for being suspicious of him.

Later that day Tegan Wickhem, one of the most popular girls in school, approached him and seemed interested in him. Sarah came to apologise for being suspicious of him and the two talked about their friendship, Jonathan promising to talk with Sarah about her problems if she ever needed to. Jordan overheard them while practicing his super-hearing and assumed Jonathan was attempting to make a move on her. When he came home Jordan confronted him and Jonathan, already hostile to his brother after Jordan broke his wrist, shouted back at him, angry at Jordan's lack of trust or gratitude for a lifetime of Jonathan defending him. The argument ended when Jonathan slammed his hand against the wall to create a loud noise and cause Jordan pain.

That night, Jordan overheard their father being attacked and the brothers put their conflict aside to save him. Despite minimal driving experience, Jonathan drove their fathers' truck to the warehouse where the fight was taking place, guided by Jordan's hearing. He crashed the truck through the wall of the warehouse and into the attacker, then used his sledgehammer to destroy the red sunlight lamps draining Clark and Jordan's powers. After the attacker was defeated and the family was safely at home Jordan apologised to Jonathan for spying on him and for the two made up, excited by Jonathan's heroics. Lois and Clark decided to no longer keep secrets from them and promised to answer any questions they had, including any that involved classified information.[7]

While John Henry Irons was imprisoned, Lois and Clark were given custody of his RV. Feeling superfluous around Clark and Jordan, he asked to help Lois search Irons' RV. In there they learned that on Irons' world he was married to Lois and saw the footage of the alternate Superman murdering Lois. Jonathan later searched the RV alone, hoping to find a weapon to make him equal to his father and brother. While searching, he learned that Irons had been his world's counterpart of Lois and the two had had a daughter named Natalie, who Jon saw as his sister.

He accidentally tripped the RV's security system which tried to kill him. Lois frantically called Clark for help and he arrived with a single second to spare to save him. Lois was furious with Jonathan for putting himself in danger but in reality her anger was driven by guilt and fear, as she blamed herself for him being in the RV. Also, one of her children coming close to death stirred up the trauma of a miscarriage she had had when the boys were toddlers and had never allowed herself to get over. Later she confided in Jonathan about the miscarriage and told him that she understood how he felt as a normal person next to somebody with superpowers. They tearfully reconciled.[8]

At school the next day, Jonathan asked Tegan out but she turned him down, telling him she had only been trying to be nice to him as she felt sorry for him. Although Jonathan tried to play it off he was hurt by this.

Jordan became seriously sick after being infected by a synthetic Kryptonite gas developed by the military scientists under General Lane's supervision. Jonathan told his grandfather that he should never have developed anti-Kryptonian weapons and that he trusted Clark and Jordan despite his lack of powers, calling Sam a coward. Clark flew Jordan to the Fortress to treat him, and Jon comforted Lois who believed she had failed in her responsibility to protect them.

Jonathan Kent Arrowverse Superman & Lois 006

Jonathan holding the solar weapon

Morgan Edge sent Emily Phan and another man, empowered by X-Kryptonite, to kill Lois. Sam briefly fought them off with the Kryptonite gas and Lois and Jon fled to the barn where he had hidden a number of weapons he had stolen from Irons, and armed himself with a gun that fired red solar radiation. Kyle Cushing arrived, claiming to have followed Emily from Smallville High School, and asked Jon to give him the gun. Jon blasted away Emily and the other attacker when the entered the barn, but Kyle, who had also been altered by X-Kryptonite, blasted the gun out of his hand and grabbed them both, threatening to kill Jon before Lois' eyes. Fortunately Superman arrived in the nick of time to save them.[9]

The next day the twins met up with Sarah she she told them how she believed her father's alcoholism had finally gotten too much. Believing she deserved to know the truth they told her that Kyle had actually been possessed and took her to see him where the Army was holding him prisoner. Sam did not want to let them in but Jon was able to convince him. The Kryptonian possessing Kyle mocked Sarah, telling her that her father was dead, and Sarah felt terrible that the last thing her father heard her say was her calling him a drunk. Jon encouraged Jordan to comfort her and stayed out of it.[10]

After Superman successfully depowered the Subjekts, including Kyle, Lois and the twins took the Cushings home. Sarah thanked the twins for being honest with her and told them she hated how families kept secrets from each other, unaware they were still not telling her the full story.

When the Kent family got back to the farm, they were attacked by Morgan Edge, who had learned Superman's secret identity and planned to kill his human family to sever his ties to humanity. Before Edge could kill them, Superman arrived and agreed to join him in exchange for their lives.[11]

Jordan and Jonathan were both worried about their father, although Lois assured them he had been through worse. The boys wanted to help but felt powerless, until Jon suggested Jordan could use his super-hearing to track Clark down. Jordan's confidence had been shaken by Edge effortlessly overpowering him, but with Jon's encouragement he was eventually able to locate their father in the Badlands. The brothers passed the information to Sam, who sent John Henry Irons after Superman. Before Irons left, Jonathan met with him and told him that he knew what had happened to Irons on his own world due to searching his RV, and told him that his father was not like the alternate Superman, asking him to find a way to save him rather than kill him. Irons was able to help Superman break his brainwashing and he reunited with his family, introducing John to them as a friend rather than an enemy.[12]

The school planned an assembly for all students to discuss the events of the last few days. As everyone in town knew that Lois and Sam were involved, the boys were given a story to use if anyone asked them for details. Before the assembly, Tegan invited Jon to skip school with her and he gladly agreed, but when she started asking him questions about what had happened he realised she only wanted to pump him for information and walked home. He met John Henry Irons in the barn, where he was repairing his armour, and expressed some interest in Irons' technology. The two began to talk, but then Clark walked in and realised Jon had skipped school and he was grounded.[13] Over the next three weeks Jonathan tried to get close to John Henry Irons, hoping to learn the technological skills necessary to protect himself from Morgan Edge, who had escaped from prison and disappeared. However, Irons was not interested in being a mentor and eventually asked him to leave.

Jonathan Kent Arrowverse Superman & Lois 003

Jonathan tries to shoot Morgan Edge with a Kryptonite pistol

Jon and Jordan went to a party held by their former teammates and while they were there Sam attempted to call them and tell them to go home as Edge had returned, but Jon ignored the call. At the party he met Tegan who apologised for how he had acted, claiming that she often came across as arrogant and haughty without meaning to. Edge and Leslie Larr attacked Metropolis and fought Superman and John Irons while Lois reported live on the scene. The partygoers watched the broadcast and saw Leslie almost kill Lois in the same way the alternate Superman killed John's wife, but Irons saved her. That evening, Sam tracked them to the party and took them home, but along the way Edge attacked their car and caused it to crash. Jon's arm was broken but he tried to shoot Edge with Sam's Kryptonite gun, however Edge was too fast and easily dodged the bullet and kidnapped Jordan. Jonathan called Clark for help on the ELT but by the time he responded Edge was long gone.[14]

Jonathan Kent Arrowverse Superman & Lois 004

Jonathan holding the sonic weapon

The Cushings took Sam and Jon back to Smallville, when Jon reunited with Lois and saw Edge Eradicate six of Sam's soldiers, converting them into the Kryptonian Defense Council. When Clark returned he told them that Zeta-Rho had taken over Jordan's mind. Jonathan helped John Henry Irons modify his hammer with red solar technology to hopefully defeat Edge. The plan was for Clark and Irons to attack Edge and the Defense Council while Lois attempted to enter Jordan's mind using a Kryptonian device and help him resist Zeta's control while Jon guarded them. Zeta-Rho realised what Lois was doing and woke up. He attacked Jon but Jordan was able to destroy Zeta's consciousness just in time to save him.[15]

Season Two

Superman & Lois TV Series Episode What Lies Beneath 001

The Kent family meets Natalie Irons

Over the summer Jonathan began dating a girl named Candice. Also John Henry Irons and Natalie, who had escaped her dying reality, moved into the Kent farmhouse. They took Jordan's room and he moved in with Jonathan.[16]

Timmy Ryan, a previously mediocre player, miraculously surpassed Jon over the summer and became the Crows's presumptive starting quarterback. When Jon saw Timmy bench pressing 315 pounds, he suspected that he had begun using steroids.[17] Jon confronted Ryan during practice, who admitted to using steroids and claimed Candice was his dealer. They got into a fight, which was broken up by Clark and Coach Gaines.

Timmy was confirmed as the team's starting quarterback and, facing the prospect of another season on the bench, Jon approached Candice. She admitted to selling drugs as her family needed the money, and Jon asked her to sell him the same steroids she was giving Timmy.[18] Jonathan was initially reluctant to take the drug, but when Candice told him she sold Timmy five full vials and he saw Timmy's performance during practice, he impulsively inhaled the gas. The drugs enhanced Jon's vision and reactions and allowed him to make every pass during practice, impressing Coach Gaines. Jon quickly deduced that the drug was in fact X-Kryptonite.[19]

Jonathan Kent Arrowverse Superman & Lois 005

Jonathan's eyes glowing red.

Jordan began training with Sam, who asked Jonathan to join in so he could compare Jordan's abilities to a baseline. Jonathan was humiliated when Jordan was able to match his greatest efforts without even trying, and he left to take X-Kryptonite, which gave him strength and durability similar to Jordan's, and he returned to challenge Jordan to a "sparring match" that quickly degenerated into a fight. Jonathan remained unusually aggressive for the rest of the day, and when Jordan tried to confront him about it that evening they argued until Jon's eyes suddenly glowed red. Jordan realised that Jon had powers, which he assumed were natural. Jon claimed his powers had recently started developing and asked Jordan to keep it secret from their parents, pretending he was afraid that Clark would make him quit the football team.[20]

Jon was given an opportunity to be starting quarterback in a game against the Crows' long term rivals, as Timmy was supposedly off sick. The X-Kryptonite allowed him to lead the team to a crushing victory, but it felt hollow to him as he had only achieved it with the aid of the drugs. Jordan confronted him in the locker room, having deduced that Jon was using X-Kryptonite. They argued and Jon almost blasted Jordan with his heat vision. Jon immediately regretted this and tried to apologise but Jordan refused to listen and they went home in silence. That night, Jordan told Jon that Timmy had been pulled from the team because he had been caught taking X-K.[21]

Jon decided to give up the X-Kryptonite and the next day at school told Candice he didn't want any more of the drug. However, the sheriff's department swept the school looking for drugs and Jon took Candice's stash to protect her, planning to dispose of it. He was caught with the drugs and refused to reveal where he had gotten them from, and was subsequently expelled from Smallville High.[22] The Smallville Crows were forced to vacate all their wins so far and the principal decided to withdraw from competition for the rest of the season, the first time that had happened in Smallville history.

Lois and Clark made Jon work at a local convenience store while also taking classes online. As he was walking Candice home after his first shift, they were attacked by Mickey, her supplier. Jon tried to defend Candice, but Mickey used X-Kryptonite to give himself superhuman strength and speed and he was overpowered. Fortunately, Jordan arrived to save them and Jon told Mickey to stay away from Candice. Meanwhile John Henry and Natalie moved out of the farmhouse into their own place.[23]

Clark disappeared for a month after chasing Ally Allston into the inverse world, and Jon feared he would not get the chance to redeem himself in his father's eyes. A warehouse storing X-Kryptonite in Smallville burned down, and Lois and Sam realised that the X-Kryptonite ring was much bigger and more well-funded than they had believed. They told Jon that he had to reveal his dealer and promised to grant whoever it was immunity and protect them from the traffickers. Jon was able to convince Candice to come forward and she gave them the location where the X-Kryptonite was processed.

Jon walked her home and along the way suffered a sudden headache caused by his inverse self crossing through the portal.[24] Jon went home to find his counterpart, Jon-El, waiting for him. Jon-El began to merge with Jonathan and easily threw Jordan aside when he tried to stop him. Fortunately Clark chased Jon-El through the portal and arrived in time to break them apart before the fusion could be completed. Jon-El told Clark he couldn't stop what was coming and flew away.

Clark told his family everything he had seen in the inverse world, that Jon-El was working for Ally Allston and Ally had fused with ther other self and gained immense power. He also warned Jonathan that he would likely suffer the same painful visions he had, and told him that no matter what had happened between them, he loved him and would not let Jon-El harm him.

Later that night Jonathan had a vision of Jon-El on main street in Smallville. As he did not have powers, the visions were even worse for him than they had been for Clark. Clark chased after Jon-El but he got away. When he got home, Lois told Clark about Candice and Clark confronted him, telling him that he should not have lied, but Jon replied that Clark had lied to him for fourteen years; and whereas Jon had lied to protect someone else, Clark had lied to protect himself.

The next day Lois went to City Hall to talk to Lana, but she was not there and Sarah claimed she had seen Jon outside her house that morning. Lois came home and told Clark that Jon-El may have captured Lana and Clark let it slip that he had seen Jon-El in Smallville the previous night but had not tried to capture him because Lana would have seen him use his powers. Jon and Jordan were both angry that Clark had chosen to protect his secret rather than warn Lana or take the opportunity to stop Jon-El before he had the chance to hurt anyone. Later, Jon had another vision and saw that Jon-El had Lana locked in an old slaughterhouse. Clark went to rescue her but Jon-El hit him with a Kryptonite bomb and returned to the Kent Farm to merge with Jonathan. Jordan defended Jonathan and eventually defeated Jon-El. Meanwhile Lana's counterpart came through the portal to merge with her but she was stopped by John Henry and Natalie.

Jordan told Lois that he was planning to reveal his secret to Sarah, and she acknowledged that the family seemed to be constantly at odds with each other. Clark came home and she didn't tell him what Jordan was planning to do, but Clark told them all that, since keeping his secret had put Lana in danger and her counterpart would likely come after her again, he thought he should tell her that he was Superman. He said he wouldn't do it if they thought he shouldn't and the entire family agreed immediately and unanimously that he should.[25]

As it had become clear that the drugs he was caught with had not belonged to him, Jonathan was allowed to return to Smallville High School. However, he had become nihilistic and frightened after his encounter with Jon-El and learning about Ally's godlike power. On his first day back he encountered some of his former teammates who blamed him for getting the season cancelled, despite the fact that most of them were also using X-K and Jon did not rat them out when he got caught. Jon ranted at them that their problems meant nothing and the world was about to end, until Jordan and Natalie pulled him away. Natalie recognised that Jon was on edge and suggested that they skip school. She took the twins to her home, where she had been secretly building her own suit of armour. She had intended to use it herself to help her dad, but offered it to Jonathan to protect himself from Jon-El. The suit was unfinished and required a power source, so she took the twins into the Shuster Mines to collect X-Kryptonite to power the suit.

The kids made slow progress manually digging the X-Kryptonite from the rock, so Jordan used by heat vision to cut a chunk of it off. He inadvertently caused a cave-in but saved the others with his super-speed, leaving behind the X-K they had already gathered. Although the mission was a failure, they had fun together and got Jonathan out of his mood. They spent the rest of the day hanging out together at the Irons' home and Jonathan and Jordan stayed for dinner with John and Nat.[26]

The next day Clark told the twins that Lana had asked them to stay away from the Cushing family after learning his secret. To take their minds off it, Clark planned a day of farm work for the three of them. While they were working on the tractor together, Jon told Clark that he felt like he had no future as he could never play football again and that he had let everyone down, but Clark assured him that he was not a disappointment and promised that he would always be there for him. He also admitted that Jordan had snuck out to talk to Lana. Clark went out to get Jordan and the two were gone for the rest of the day. Jon completed the work by himself and when Clark and Jordan returned he was visibly hurt at being left out, but before Clark could talk to him he was called away to save Sam from Ally.

Ally drained Clark's energy and he almost died, but John Henry and Natalie were able to resuscitate him and get him to a hospital. John and Lois told the kids that Clark was stable but unconscious, and his powers appeared to be gone, possibly forever.[27] Clark eventually regained consciousness and returned home, but he was severely weakened and his powers were not recharged by the sun. He and John Henry Irons went to the Fortress to find a way to speed up his recovery, and while they were gone the worlds began to merge and the inverse world's sun appeared in the sky. John and Clark returned from the Fortress and told them that there was no way to restore his powers. Their parents assured them that there was still a chance to beat Ally and told them to stick together, and asked Jordan to use his super-hearing to look out for threats.

Lana-Rho attacked the farm and Jordan attempted to fight her off but she easily overpowered him. Fortunately the Irons' arrived and chased her off. Later that day the Kents went to a town hall meeting Lana was holding to reveal the threat of the inverse world. Clark came as Superman to tell the sceptical townspeople that Lana's story was true and that he had lost his powers. When the townspeople went home, Jon-El attacked Clark in front of his family and Jonathan was unable to do anything but watch. Jordan burst in, locked in a fight with Lana-Rho and managed to temporarily get the upper hand over them both, but he was simply outnumbered and the two inverses began beating him down. Natalie arrived in her armour and carrying her father's hammer to help Jordan, and together the two of them defeated the evil dopplegangers.

Natalie disappeared after the fight but Jordan's hearing picked her up at the farm. The Kents went home and she told them that John Henry had disappeared trying to stop Ally and she had nowhere else to go. Lois and Clark told her she could stay with them. The worlds began to merge, and they were transported to Bizarro's dilapidated home on the inverse world.[28] As some things from their house had also been transported over, Clark realised that people and objects were randomly shifting between the worlds as they merged. To their shock, Tal-Rho was waiting for them in the house, having also been transported to the inverse world.

Just as suddenly they were transported back to their own world, but Lois remained behind and was replaced by her inverse counterpart. Natalie managed to reestablish contact with John Henry and left to go into the void and save him. The twins wanted to go with her but she only had one suit and likely even Jordan would have been ripped apart by the journey through the portal without protection. She told them they needed to stay with their family and Jonathan told her that she was part of their family too. She hugged them goodbye and told them she had enjoyed having them as "brothers".

Tal-Rho attempted to fight Ally, but she began to drain his energy too and Jordan had to save him. Seeing no other choice, Clark asked Tal-Rho to carry him into space and throw him into the sun, believing that would restore his powers. Jon feared Superman would die in the heart of the sun, but Clark was able to regain and supercharge his powers. He defeated Ally and undid the merge with help from John Henry and Natalie.

Clark took the family on a boat trip into the ocean, where he created a new Fortress in the sea. He told Jonathan that his grandmother was looking forward to meeting him, and introducing him to Kryptonian technology.[29]

Season Three

Jonathan met Lara in the Fortress with the rest of his family. He spent the next twenty-seven days practicing hard for his driving test, as a license would give him some of the freedom that Jordan's ability to fly granted him. A week before his birthday, his ex-girlfriend Eliza reached out to him on social media. Jon believed she just wanted to be friends and began regularly texting with her. Jon took his test on his sixteenth birthday and was able to pass despite getting Coach Gaines as his examiner.[30][31]

Eliza invited Jon to a party in Metropolis and, as Smallville High had been closed due to a black mould infestation, Jonathan convinced Jordan that they should go. At the party they met up with Eliza, who took Jon into a bedroom to speak privately. She told him that breaking up with him was a mistake and wanted to get back together, then started kissing him. Jon stopped her immediately and told her that he was dating Candice and had misinterpreted her signals. He left the room and went looking for Jordan so they could leave. He found Jordan downstairs with Sarah, who had gatecrashed the party with Nat. Jordan and Sarah had gotten in a fight with the host and the Smallville kids had to run from the house, although Jordan did freeze the guy's treasured SUV with his super-breath before they left. When Jon and Jordan got home, their parents told them that Lois had been diagnosed with breast cancer.[31]

Jonathan did not tell Candice what had happened at the party despite the others all telling him he needed to be honest with her. When he drove Candice home one night, her father took a keen interest in his expensive truck, a parting gift from Tal-Rho. Natalie decided to give Lois a watch which she had originally built for her mother, and engraved her and the twin's names on it so that they would symbolically be with her throughout her treatment. They drove straight to school from her house in Jon's truck, and left the watch in the glove compartment while they were in class. Jon's truck was stolen from the school parking lot, along with the watch. Jon suspected that Candice's father stole it, and delicately tried to ask her about it, but she was offended and stormed off.

Jordan and Nat, however, both agreed that he had definitely stolen it. Jon did not want to call the police on him and have him arrested, so they tracked the truck to a chop shop and stole it back, although they could not find the watch. However, Candice brought him the watch, telling him that she found it in her father's thing and he was right. She wanted to break up with Jon because their relationship had only ever gotten him hurt and she felt like she wasn't good enough for him, as he seemed "perfect". Jon told her he wasn't and admitted what had happened between him and Eliza in Metropolis.[32]

The day after Lois' first chemotherapy treatment, Clark ordered the boys out of the house when he heard them arguing so they would not disturb her. Jon decided to spend the day with Candice, but when he went to pick her up from her trailer park he encountered her father Emmitt. Jon confronted Emmitt for stealing his truck, but he refused to admit it and eventually punched Jon in the face when he argued with him. He went home and tried to hide his bruise from Lois, but she saw it and made him tell her what had happened. He told her everything about his truck being stolen and how Emmitt had hit him. Lois took him and Jordan to the trailer park to confront Emmitt but he threatened them with a gun and, although Lois was unafraid, she left rather than let Jordan expose his powers by stopping Emmitt. When they got home, Lois collapsed. Enraged by what had happened, Clark ordered Emmitt to stay away from his family, intimidating the man with his super-strength and threatening to come after him if he caused any more harm. Emmitt fled town, abandoning Candice, and so Lois allowed her to stay with the Kents.[33]

Three weeks later, on the day of Smallville High's Valentine's dance, Jon saw Kyle Cushing struggling to replace a flat tyre on the side of the road and offered to help. Kyle was impressed as Jon was the only person to offer in the hour he had been stranded and invited Jon to volunteer with the fire department over the weekends, which he eagerly agreed to. That evening at Smallville High's Valentine's dance, Candice told Jon that her aunt in Topeka had offered to let her stay with her. Jon asked Kyle to let him volunteer during the week, so he would have weekends free to drive up and visit Candice, but Kyle refused and told him he would need to choose which obligation was more important. Realising how important working with fire department was to him, Candice asked him not to make another sacrifice for her and to take Kyle's offer, saying they would continue their relationship long-distance. The next day, Jon drove Candice to her aunt's home in Topeka.[34]

A month later, Jon began volunteering with the fire department. To his annoyance, he was required to wear an old, ill-fitting uniform until he "earned" one of his own and Kyle had him repeatedly wash the fire engine all day. When Sarah came to the fire station at the end of the day, she reminded him of an important geometry test he had forgotten to study for. She offered to help him prepare and on Sunday he went to study with her at Kyle's apartment. Sarah's younger sister Sophie wandered off without them noticing, and they only realised she was gone when Lana came to the apartment an hour later.

Jon and Sarah went to the Cushing's house to look for Sophie. She wasn't there and Sarah blamed herself, claiming she always let her family down, but Jon was able to calm her and think about anywhere else Sophie may have gone. Sarah realised that Sophie had gone to the fairground, as she had asked when the county fair was coming to town. However, when they got there Sophie refused to go back with them. Jon realised that Sophie felt ignored and neglected by her family and spoke with her, sharing with her how he often felt left out by his family too. He told her that, no matter how either of them felt, their families loved them and would always be there for them. He convinced Sophie to go home with Sarah and Kyle, who had also figured out Sophie would go to the fair.

Kyle rewarded Jon with his own firefighter's uniform, but this achievement was quickly overshadowed when Clark and Jordan returned home and told him how Jordan had saved Clark from a supervillain and a band of mercenaries armed with Kryptonite guns.[35]

By the time of Lois' fourth chemotherapy treatment, she was becoming visibly frailer, and Jon suspected their parents were hiding something from the twins. He made Jordan carry him to the Fortress, hoping that Lara had access to a cancer cure. Lara claimed she didn't and called Clark. He arrived as Jon was arguing with the hologram and they both told him that there was nothing they could do. Clark ordered the twins to go home. When they got there, Jon searched through Lois's things and found a will, and goodbye letters addressed to them. The twins confronted Lois and Clark when they came home that evening. Their parents told them that making end-of-life documents was a normal part of dealing with cancer but Jon, who felt helpless and was close to an emotional breaking point, yelled at them for trying to hide the extent of Lois's illness from them. Clark told him he needed to have hope but Jon ranted that, while Kryptonians like Clark and Jordan may be able to simply hope, humans like him and Lois didn't have that luxury.

After Jon had calmed down, Lois and Clark apologised to the twins for keeping them in the dark, telling them they were just trying not to scare them. They also admitted that they hadn't asked Lara to help, because they would have felt morally obligated to share any Kryptonian technology she gave them with the world, and it could be dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands. Clark also told Jon that he was just as Kryptonian as Jordan, even if he didn't have powers.[36]

A few weeks later, Kyle officially enrolled Jon into the National Junior Firefighter Program. A fire broke out in town and Jon asked to come along with the firefighters. Kyle agreed but told Jon to observe only and not get involved. On the scene, Jon saw Jordan fly in and pull a man from the burning building. on ran over to them and Jordan flew away before he could be seen by the firefighters. This made it appear that Jon had run into the building against orders and Kyle ordered him to go home immediately, furious that he had seemingly taken such a risk against orders. He went home and yelled at Jordan for getting involved when he wasn't needed. They argued, and Jordan eventually yelled that he should be the one to save people as he had powers. Jon stormed off, ignoring Jordan's attempts to apologise.

Jon got a call from Kyle, who hadn't decided whether or not to fire him yet. He told Jon that the firefighters had found ice on the scene and believed that someone with powers put out the fire. He asked Jon if he had seen anything and Jon claimed that he had not. When he got off the phone Jordan tried to apologise again, but Jon told him it didn't matter as Kyle was on to him.[37] Jon and Jordan agreed to keep Jon's suspension and Kyle's suspicions that there was a superhero in Smallville a secret from their parents. Natalie complained to her friends about not being able to see Matteo and Jon suggested that she just let him go. Natalie refused and they argued when she brought up the problems he had had with Candice's father. Jon realised how sad Natalie was and apologised to her, then helped her meet with Matteo behind John Henry's back. Jordan also apologised for what he had said about Jon working with the fire department and they reconciled. Sarah forced them to hug their feelings out.[38]

One day while Lois was in Metropolis, Clark suggested that the three of them hang out together, but the boys were distracted by a video game and only vaguely agreed. Soon after, Jon got a text from Sarah inviting them to a senior kegger and told Jordan they should go, hoping he could even convince Candice to come down from Topeka. Jordan pointed out they had already agreed to spend time with Clark but Jon said he would convince Clark to let them out of it and reminded Jordan that Clark regularly cancelled plans with them due to his duties as Superman.

Clark wanted to take them to a wrestling show in Metropolis, something they had often done when they lived in the city. Jon told Clark that they had made plans with Candice and Sarah, although he did not mention that they were going to a party or that alcohol would be present. Clark reluctantly agreed and they drove to the party on the outskirts of town. At the party, Jon reunited with Candice and she told him that her father had disappeared. When she asked him about the fire station he deflected, not wanting to tell her that sacrificing his time with her may have been pointless. The police raided the party and the teens scattered. Jon and Candice got away in his truck and he dropped her off at her car.

When Jon returned home Clark confronted him and accused him of drinking and driving, but Jon told Clark he had only drunk water and would never drink and drive after everything that happened the previous year. Clark's super-senses confirmed he was telling the truth and he calmed down but was still upset at Jon for lying about the party. Jon apologised and told Clark they were just trying to spare his fellings. Clark said it was important for them to spend time together but Jon pointed out that he often cancelled plans with him and Jordan on short notice and it was unreasonable for him to expect them to just wait around until he had a free moment for them.

Later that night, Kyle came to the farm, convinced that Jon had powers and was the one who extinguished the fire and saved Sarah. Clark needed to respond to a distress call but he could not convince Kyle to leave and Kyle refused to let him go without answers. With no other choice, Clark revealed his powers and told Kyle that he would explain everything in the morning.[39] The next morning, Clark revealed to Kyle that he was Superman and Jordan had powers.

The following day, the entire family accompanied Lois to Metropolis for her surgery. While the doctor was explaining the procedure to them, Jordan had a panic attack and had to flee the room. Jonathan went out to try and calm him down, but the anxiety had triggered Jordan's X-ray vision and he was unable to turn it off, making the attack worse. Jon was eventually able to get Jordan to focus by telling him he needed to calm down for Lois's sake and guide Jordan through his calming exercises.

When he had calmed down a little, Jordan complained that he now had X-ray vision to deal with, but Jon told him he was lucky that whenever he was stressed or upset he manifested a superpower. He told Jon that his trouble controlling his powers and them appearing at the worst times was due to his anxiety and that he needed to learn to relax and let things go. Jordan said he would try.[40]

Kyle allowed Jon to return to the fire department but, after he learned Clark's secret he began defending Jon from teasing by the other firefighters. Jon was uncomfortable at receiving special treatment, feeling it made the others resent him and prevented him finding his own place in the team. Clark overheard Jon complaining and asked Kyle to treat Jon the same as everyone else. Kyle assumed Jon had sent his father and was disappointed in him, and told Jon that if he ever had an issue with how Kyle was acting he should come to him directly. Jon was upset at Clark going behind his back, and how it had made Kyle lose faith in him.[41]

Over the next month Jon continued to volunteer with the fire department and was able to earn back Kyle's trust. After school broke up for summer, Lois and Clark suggested that they take a family vacation to Italy and stay in Tal-Rho's villa and the twins enthusiastically agreed. Jon volunteered to help Coach Gaines set up for a public viewing of a meteor shower on main street in the hopes of earning his forgiveness, but Coach told him that would never happen. That night Coach effusively thanked one of the other volunteers and ignored Jon's contribution.

Suddenly Clark, as Superman, crashed down out of the sky onto main street. A monster flew down after him and his friends and family rushed forward to help but he told them to stay back. He tackled the monster into the sky and they battled from Smallville to Metropolis and even to the moon.[42]



  • Dependency: Jon required X-Kryptonite to fuel his powers. He would lose his powers when the effects of the drug wore off and revert to normal until he took another dose.[19]
  • Psychic Link: Jonathan has a psychic link with Jon-El, causing him to experience extremely painful visions randomly.[25]




  • Red Solar Weapons: (Formerly) Jonathan stole a number of guns which fire red solar radiation from John Henry Irons' RV.[9] He later returned them to Irons who used them to enhance his hammer.[9]
  • Sonic Gun: (Formerly) A weapon which fires powerful pulses of sound, developed by Thaddeus Killgrave.[9]

  • Jonathan is named after his adoptive paternal grandfather, Jonathan Kent.



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