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Jonathan Kent is the son of Superman and Wonder Woman in the reality known as the Kingdom.

Jonathan Kent was kidnapped on the day of his birth by Gog, an agent of the Quintessence who of his own will went back through time to destroy Superman at various points throughout history (or so it seemed), unknowingly breaching Hypertime in the process. Gog took Jonathan to 1998 in the mainstream reality and held him hostage inside a chunk of Kryptonite, which Superman originally thought was to keep him away, while he himself attacked Captain Atom in order to cause the Kansas disaster to happen years earlier. Though Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman of the Kingdom reality succeeded in rescuing Jonathan, he seemed to vanish, making it appear as if their traveling back in time (and through the reality barriers) was all for nothing. However, Jonathan simply slipped into Hypertime, where he was watched over by an older version of himself who is now the guardian of Hypertime. After Gog's defeat and the revelation of Hypertime, the infant Jonathan was handed back to his parents where they would raise him to be the predestined hero they saw him become.


Hypertime Manipulation: Jonathan is the first person to ever be born with the power to travel through and manipulate hypertime, the realm of intersecting timelines. This allows him to travel between timelines/universes at will.

  • Chronokinesis: Hypertime manipulation gives Jonathan the ability to travel through time.
  • Dimensional Travel: Hypertime manipulation allows him the ability to travel between dimensions, universes, and to any/every possible location within the multiverse.



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