Jonathan Law operated as the "mystery man" known as Tarantula during World War II, using his experiences as subject material for a book he was writing called Behind The Mask. Sometime after the war, he retired his identity as a superhero and had the recently-divorced Libby Lawrence (Liberty Belle) live with him as his paramour while he struggled to write a new novel to follow up on the success of his earlier work. In 1949, Lawrence found fame as a television news commentator, which ended up driving a wedge between her relationship with Law, whose struggles with writer's block and alcoholism were now hitting rock bottom and was taking his frustrations out on her. Eventually Law realized what his alcoholism was costing him and called Lawrence in the hopes of making amends with her, dumping all his liquor in the sink as a sign of good faith that he had changed.

In 1950, Law attended the rally in Washington, D.C. where all costumed superheroes were to appear by Presidential decree to show their loyalty along with Lawrence and her former husband Johnny Chambers (Johnny Quick). During the rally, Joan Dale (Miss America) publicly exposed Tex Thompson as being the Ultra-Humanite and attempted to also expose Dynaman as being Adolf Hitler in Daniel Dunbar's body when the Ultra-Humanite had Robert Crane (Robotman) silence her by murdering her in public. Rex Tyler (Hourman) took over for Joan Dale in the exposure of both Thompson and Dunbar, causing Dynaman to show his true colors and to attack the various superheroes present. Law died at the hands of Dynaman with his last thought being that this struggle would have made a good book.

  • This version of the character is native to the JSA: The Golden Age series of stories.



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