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Prester Jon was a member of the Team Titans. He was the brother of Redwing.

Jonathan Levine was born in Atlanta, Georgia in the year 1987 in an alternate, future timeline. His twin sister Carrie and he were both born with the Metagene, possibly due to their mother Karen's exposure to nuclear radiation shortly before their conception. At a young age, Jonathan developed the ability to psychically interface with any computerized electrical system.

Jonathan's father, Paul Levine, was a prominent scientist working for S.T.A.R. Labs shortly before the birth of the twins. He pioneered the development of a satellite network system that would enable people to track down those who carried the metagene within their genetic structure. It was Paul's intent to use this technology for benevolent purposes, but with the rise of the conqueror Lord Chaos, it soon became apparent that this metagene tracking system could be used to hunt down and exterminate known metahumans.

As predicted, Lord Chaos felt threatened by the rising population of metahumans in the country and co-opted Levine's work for his own ends. In 1997, he launched the satellite system into space and begat a program that would force metahumans to enlist in his Force Elite recruitment center.

Paul and Karen Levine knew that Lord Chaos would learn the truth about their children, so they left New York and took up residence in a desolate region in Tennessee. Lord Chaos tracked them down and his stormtroopers executed Paul and Karen, while taking Jonathan into custody. His sister Carrie was fortunate enough to evade capture.[1]

Jonathan was soon rescued from Lord Chaos' clutches, and reunited with his sister. Together, they joined a growing resistance movement dedicated towards overthrowing Lord Chaos. Metahuman resistance fighters invoked the name of an old super-hero group and began referring to themselves as the Team Titans. Jonathan Levine became known as Prester Jon.

On February 16th, 2000, a Force Elite squadron raided a Team Titans safe house in Peekskill, New York. During the fight, one of their own, the Silver Shield, was killed by stormtrooper gunfire. Jonathan took several fatal shots to the body as well and "died" soon after. His consciousness however, lived on. Moments before his clinical death, he was able to upload his mental essence into the safe house's computer databanks. As a completely digitized being, Jonathan was able transfer his essence into any computer system he chose. The Team Titans outfitted themselves with miniature relay systems that they wore upon their wrists, which enabled them to keep in constant contact with Prester Jon whenever they needed him.[2]

Jon and the other Teamers engaged in an ambitious plot to defeat Lord Chaos. At the behest of the team leader, they elected to travel backwards in time in an effort to kill Lord Chaos' mother, Donna Troy, before she could give birth to him. Prester Jon's participation in this affair was minimal, but the group soon abandoned this mission once they determined that they were now existing in an alternate timeline.[3]


  • Mechanokinesis: Prester Jon exists solely as a digital entity. He can automatically interface with any computerized system and transfer his essence from one computer system to another.

  • Prester Jon no longer possesses a corporeal form. Prester Jon's original body died and he existed within computerized wristbands until Technis built him an artificial replacement.