The Silverblade was one of aging actor Jonathan Lord's most famous roles. With help from a mystical statue, he was transformed into the swashbuckler and became a vigilante.

Jonathan Lord was a movie star who had starred in a number of wide variety of swashbucklers and other fantasy roles during Hollywood's golden age, his greatest being in the film Silverblade. Unfortunately Lord had become typecast as a swashbuckler and grew too old to play such roles, and turned to appearing in several gaudy horror films in the twilight of his career. As his movie deals dried up, he suffered various failed marriages and became a bitter old recluse living in his mansion, where he watches reels of his old movies and bitterly remembering the past. His only friend and retainer was his butler Bobby Milestone, a former child actor.

One day, Milestone bought a statue of a bird as part of a decorative exhibit he was building to cheer up the atmosphere at Lord's mansion. But Lord complained about the exhibit which caused his butler to finally being tired of Lord's constant complaints and leaving his boss. Left alone, Lord experience a second chance in his life when Milesone's bird statue suddenly turned to life. The statue, calling itself The Jailer, told Lord he will restore him to what the star once was. Lord was imbued with the power to transform into any character he portrayed on film, effectively turning him into a real-life superhero. He first used his power to adopt the guise of his famous character Silverblade and rescued Milestone from an unhinged actor who blamed the butler for a career-ruining injury he suffered during a movie stunt.


  • Acting
  • Disguise
  • Swordsmanship
  • Transformation - Jonathan Lord has the ability to have the powers (and weaknesses) of the movie character he transforms into. His most powerful transformation is that of Satan.


  • Weakness of the movie character

  • Similar to the Watchmen comics there was information at the end of each issue about the fictional world Jonathan Lord belonged to.



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