Johnny Mann was Son of Vulcan, a Champion of the Gods of Rome.

John Mann was a war correspondent working in the Mediterranean who had lost his leg covering the conflict in the region. While resting in the Temple of Jupiter, Mann demanded to know how the gods could allow such carnage. He was struck by lightning and transported to the Mount Olympus of the Roman gods. Vulcan, god of the forge, took a liking to Mann. Despite opposition from Mars, the war god, Vulcan restored Mann's leg and gave him powers and weapons to fight the forces of evil and war on Earth. As the Son of Vulcan, John returned to the Mediterranean island of Cyprete and ended a civil war there.

John was killed by the evil sorceress Circe during the War of the Gods, a conflict she had concocted that pitted the deities of various pantheons against each other. When the war ended, Vulcan escorted Mann's soul to the Elysian Fields.




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