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Jonathan Mills, aka The Mirror, was an enemy of Batgirl.

Jonathan Mills was involved in a car accident that left him as the sole survivor, as nearby bystanders managed to only rescue him from the engulfed vehicle. He begged to be allowed to die with his family but had to watch, in abject horror, both his wife and daughter burn to death. Some time afterwards, he devoted his life to ensuring that those who escaped death in similar, seemingly miraculous fashion, were "rightfully" killed. He considers his actions to be acts of kindness that provide a sense of closure.[1]


  • Peak Human Condition: The Mirror displayed exceptional physical prowess, strength, athleticism and resilience. During his earlier confrontations with Batgirl, he was able to easily punch through a stone statue without any signs of slowing down.
  • Martial Arts
  • Firearms[2]
  • Stealth[3]

  • While visiting The Hollows, he was able to hear Batgirl's breathing, despite the rain, while she was watching him from a nearby tree.



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