Born a few weeks after the Metropolis battle against the Monitors in 2012. Jonathan Queen was the son of Chloe Sullivan and Oliver Queen. Shortly after his birth, his mother expressed concern about the world he would be growing up in and expressed a desire to give the boy the life she and Oliver didn't get.[1] By 2018, Jonathan was living with his mother in Singapore.[2][3]

  • Named after Jonathan Kent.[1]
  • The character is possibly a nod to Jonathan "Jon" Ross. Being the son of Clark Kent's high school friend, who knows his secret, and named after Jonathan Kent.
  • No explaination is given for the comic book that Chloe reads to Jonathan. Superman's identity is shown to still be a secret in 2018, yet the comic shows details from Clark's life. One possible answer is that the comic book is fake. Something that Chloe has had printed up, as a means to be able to tell her son of her adventures with Superman (without revealing his identity to a six year old), by presenting them as a work of fiction.



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