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Johnny Sorrow is a powerful villain who hides a horrific visage under his mask.


After stealing a high-tech device, Sorrow found that he had turned intangible; his physical form ceased to exist and his soul traveled to the Subtle Realms. There he met the King of Tears. The King of Tears gifted Sorrow a mystical mask that allows him a physical form and special powers in exchange for his soul.[1]

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad

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Sorrow was sucked into a portal after Wonder Woman made him look at his face.


  • Mystical Horrific Visage: Following his first trip to the Subtle Realms, his face was horribly (and mystically) disfigured, causing death to anyone who gazed upon it.
    • Intangibility: Sorrow is intangible, but can become solid and must in order to remove his mask. Once solid, he cannot become intangible again until the mask is replaced. While tangible, he can be hurt by physical force as well as matter manipulation.
    • Summoning: Sorrow can summon the agents of the King of Tears. However, if he is forced away, they cannot remain in his dimension.[2]
    • Teleportation
    • Energy Projection


  • Power Limitation: Johnny Sorrow is not immune to his own face. If he sees it, he is forced back into a portal. His powers also do not work on those who are already insane like Harley Quinn.[2]



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