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The monk Jong Li was briefly a Green Lantern in 7th Century China.

He lived with his fellow monks and Master in the Temple of the Dragon Lords. The last of those to commune with and give energy to sustain the Dragon Lords they remained sheltered in the temple. One night an escaped concubine of the Emperor arrived in the temple begging for protection. The Imperial Guard arrived and during the fight Jong Li was knocked unconscious. He awoke to barely escape the burning Temple and flee into the woods.

During his first night of rest after, an alien being and representative of the Guardians of the Universe arrives at Earth and scanned for suitable candidates for a Power Ring. After scanning through a village the beam landed on Jong Li alone in the woods. The alien came out of the ship in a beam of emerald light and presented both a Ring and Lantern to him, instructing him telepathically to use it to "oppose evil, to ease suffering, and protect the innocent." With that charge he was also warned of the temptation of such power.

It was at that point Jong Li became Earth's first Green Lantern and the first human Lantern of Sector 2814.

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He usually walks, but has been known to create a flying carpet with his Ring on occasion.


The Ring occasionally will manifest the image of his Master or of Jade Moon on its own so that he may truly know what is going on in his mind and face himself similar to the "Angel and Devil" on your shoulder routine.



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