Quote1 Ah, hell. I didn't want to do this... but you've forced my hand! Meet my best friend... the Anti-Monitor! Never mess with the power of a Continuity Cop! Quote2
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Jonni DC is a personification of the "cosmic" editorial forces behind the curtain of DC Comics; and her express job is to maintain continuity from within the universe.

Somewhere in Harley Quinn's continuity-challenged world is the cosmically-aware being called Jonni DC, who appears as an average Manhattan socialite until she senses changes in the fabric of the universe; and these changes swirl about Harley as she unknowingly reads into her own future, and Jonni DC must track her down to prevent the universe from unravelling. She is answerable to her Captain, as well as Dan Didio and Jim Lee.[1]

Jonni first investigates Harley as the Flash becomes the "Fastest Pachyderm Alive"; Batman becomes President and Starro becomes a pre-eminent plastic surgeon.[2] Jonni catches up with Harley Quinn too late, as she is reading her own comic book and creating new flaws in continuity with every turn of the page.[1]

When Jonni found that the true source of the continuity problems was Harley's besotted writer, Jonni and Harley tracked down Meredith Clatterbuck to intervene in her out-of-continuity writing. At the same time, the Justice League Multiverse appeared, lead by the dogmatic Superman of Earth-22 who demanded that Clatterbuck be turned over to them.

Jonni DC refused, and called upon her "Bestie" — the Anti-Monitor — to remove the heroes of the out-of-continuity universes. Safe from the Justice League Multiverse, Jonni DC took Meredith Clatterbuck aside and explained the responsibility inherent in her power as a comic book writer, and the cartoon continuity peril was no more.[1]

But before closing those plot holes in continuity, Captain Triumph fell through. Triumph was first was a contestant on The Creeper's game show, before being dropped in the middle of modern New York City where the Golden Age character was completely out of place.

Harley got Jonni DC's attention by shouting that Legion Flight Rings were made of Aluminum, which caused an error in continuity, alerting Jonni who called her immediately and made her retract her out-of-continuity statement. She recognized the error of Captain Triumph's arrival, but Jonni DC was otherwise busy interrogating the conflicted New Earth continuities of Donna Troy. The Continuity Cop asked Harley to keep Triumph occupied, which only worked until Harley told Captain Triumph that it was her fault that he was trapoed in the 21st century of an another earth.

When they'd tracked him down, Triumph had gone to the airport where his brother Michael had died and the Three Fates had granted him his powers. Jonni saw to it that the rift was re-openned and Captain Triumph was welcomed back to his own time and universe by friends.

When the Enchantress escaped from Hell she took her revenge using Harley Quinn's in-and-out-of-continuity connection to re-write Prime Earth into a medieval nightmare, and trapped Jonni DC in her human form - without a mouth to effect any changes. Only when Harley Quinn freed her from the spell, could Jonni perform a "line-wide retcon" and restore the DCU to what it had been.[3]

Afterwards, Jonni DC — in her human guise — became friends with Harley Quinn, and was invited to family events.[4]


  • Continuity Correction: Jonni DC has been so-empowered by DC Editorial to retcon out any detrimental changes to continuity in the universe.[1][3]
  • Cosmic Awareness: While not omniscient, Jonni DC has awareness of any changes to comic book continuity, and she is aware that she is a comic book character.[5]
  • Transformation: Appearing as an average human woman when not on duty, Jonni DC can change at will into her form as a Continuity Cop. Jonni's body is made of the most recent DC Comics logo, with stick-figure arms and legs. She wears a scholars cap.[2]
Johnny DC 001
  • Jonni DC is based on an editorial mascot named Johnny DC, first launched in the monthly titles of December 1962, and drawn by Mike Sekowsky.



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