Quote1 My name is Jonny Frost, but I don't have to tell you that, do I? You know I'm somebody... I'm on top of the world, looking down. You know what I see? Do you want to know what I see? ... I see you. A disease. One that has been around longer than Gotham. The city infected. A disease that's older than any city. Hell, it's probably the same disease that built the first one. There will always be a Joker. Because there's no cure for him. No cure at all. Just a Batman. Quote2
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Jonny Frost is a gangster who served under the mass murdering crime lord known as the Joker, who was notoriously feared throughout all of Gotham City.

When news spread that he was being released from Arkham Asylum, most of the Joker's crew was afraid of who would have to pick him up from the hospital in fear of their lives. Seeing a business opportunity, and naive of the extent of the Joker's true nature, Frost jumped at the opportunity and soon became his right hand man.

In the wake of being divourced by his wife after his fifth prison sentence, Frost initially reveled in the power, excitement, and respect his position with the Joker gave him, even if Frost found him to be startling unpredictable at times. One day, however, he was escorted by a corrupt cop to a rival mob boss, Harvey Dent a.k.a Two-Face. Harvey offered him a job and warned him that Frost's boss is a sadistic nihilist who will eventually murder him for no reason, other than that death is funny to him. Frost turned down his offer, but Dent's words stuck with him.

He began to observe more of the Joker's mood swings in the days to come. While driving him to his destination, they were abushed by Harvey Dent's gang, with both Frost and Joker nearly being killed in the shootout. This ignited a gang war between Dent and Joker, with Frost realising that he was in over his head. Eventually, Dent and Joker decide to meet up to settle their dispute. Dent attempts to double cross Joker, but when he fails, he spitefully reveals that he met up with Frost.

Joker retaliates by raping Frost's former wife. He then forces Frost to come along as he begins murdering random innocents for no apparent reason, much to his horror. Eventually, the two make their way to a bridge where the Joker shoots Frost. Batman shows up and begins fighting the Joker, as Frost bleeds out on the bridge.[1]




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