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Quote1.png The ship will get him there. I know, I built it. That was the plan: save everyone in the Phantom Zone, travel to Earth and then release them. Now it's only good for a lifeboat. And the passenger will be my son. The last son of Krypton. Quote2.png
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Jor-El was a brilliant albeit controversial Kryptonian scientist.

Krypton was ruled by a council of Scientists, which he served loyally for years. He even took down the rogue Kryptonian General Jax-Ur and his second in command Mala on their behalf. Jor-El was married to Lara Sul-Van, daughter Councilor Sul-Van. He and Lara had a son they named Kal-El.

While he was conducting research on a series of earthquakes, Jor-El discovered evidence that the planet would soon be destroyed. He prepared a plan before speaking with the Council. As part his preparation, he built a small one man spacecraft. His intent, if approved, was to place all the Kryptonians in the Phantom Zone then use the ship to travel to another planet. Once there he would release the population from the Zone.

His findings were deliberately dismissed by Brainiac, the planets most advanced computer. The Council followed Brainiac's findings. He investigated, and found that Brainiac was lying and was in the stages of downloading his consciousness and substantial memory aboard a satellite and escape. It was by then to late for Krypton was to explode in a matter of hours. Jor-El used his spacecraft to save his only son. He set the ship to auto-pilot and send him to Earth, Jor-El offered to send Lara with Kal-El. She refused, saying that her place was with her husband.

Although he and his wife were dead, Jor-El found a way to communicate with his son. On Earth, Kal-El was found and adopted by an Earth family, the Kents, whereupon he was named Clark Kent. When Kal-El entered puberty, he found his Kryptonian DNA maturing and reacting to Earth's solar radiation, and Jonathan Kent showed Clark a codex from the rocket he himself could not access, correctly surmising it must react to Kal-El's touch. Kal-El was immediately shown an image of his childhood home on Krypton, along with his true parents, who told him of his parentage and how he must always do right by Earth people, leading to his eventual rise as Superman.


Under Krypton's red sun, Jor-El possessed no superhuman powers, however like all Kryptonians he possessed the potential for the same abilities as Superman under a yellow sun.


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