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Jor-El was the father of Superman.

Jor-El was a leading scientist on the planet Krypton. On the day celebrating Krypton's 10,000th year of civilisation he unveiled a device which would project an impenetrable force field around the user for 24 hours, however, an overload in the circuits caused by a heavy ion storm killed the test subject, his wife Lara. Blaming the weather control operators, who had taken the day off to join the celebrations, Jor-El went mad with grief and destroyed the planet with Lethal Liquid, fleeing the destroyed planet with his son Lex-El.

His ship crash-landed on Earth, killing Jonathan and Martha Kent, notorious bank robbers fleeing the police. Upon landing, Jor-El realised that he was not granted superpowers by Earth's yellow sun as Lex was, and diagnosed himself as suffering from Omega Fever, which was cancelling out his superpowers. However, he mistakenly believed that he had inherited the disease from his parents, when in fact it was a symptom of his madness. He took the name Jordan Luthor and began working as a doctor in Smallville. His son, Lex Luthor, became Superboy.

Years later, an assassin tried to kill Superboy with a bullet made from the wreckage of Jor-El's crashed ship. Although Lex was saved by Clark Lang, Jor-El decided to destroy Smallville while Lex and Clark were out of town. However, Clark became mysteriously paralysed and Lex rushed him to his father's office. When Jor-El found Clark in his home and tried to throw him out, a newly aggressive Clark, under the influence of the Chromo-Stimulant, attacked and accidentally killed him.


Other Characteristics

  • Illness: As a result of his Omega Fever, Jor-El does not possess superpowers under the light of a yellow sun.


  • Diagnos-Mirror: The Diagnos Mirror uses radiation to show an aura around anyone reflected in it, allowing a trained observer to diagnose any illnesses. However, it is fatal if broken.



  • Lethal Liquid: Lethal Liquid is a chemical solution which grows into a massive geyser when it comes into contact with the ground. A single drop was sufficient to destroy the planet Krypton.
  • Matter Vacuum: The Matter Vacuum sucks up any matter in the vicinity and transports it into another dimension.