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Quote1.png Yes. Of all your cursed family, the name of Jor-El alone is spoken with respect by those of us who crave freedom. But his words cost him his life. Quote2.png
Lois Lane src

Jor-El was a member of the royal House of El in England.

His ancestor the immortal Kryptonian monarch Gar-El had come to Earth from the dying planet Krypton in a rocket centuries ago and conquered the planet during the American Revolutionary War. Jor-El was ninth generation from the sovereign after many years of inter-species breeding and his hereditary powers were heavily diminshed, making him barely peak human in strength. He spoke out against the fascist government system and Gar-El ordered him executed. Members of the revolutionary movement against the sovereign such as Lois Lane regarded him as a hero of the people. His son Kal-El had no powers, but spoke out more successfully and convinced Gar-El to leave the planet forever when he sacrificed his life to gain an audience with him.[1]