One of hundreds of Kryptonian clones created in 2009, by the Orb. Jor-El made his way to the Kent Farm, where he encountered Chloe Sullivan, who filled him in on the fate of Krypton and the original Jor-El.

She also informed him about Jor-El's son, Clark Kent. Not long after, Jor-El was abducted by Tess Mercer, who needed his help to protect Clark. On her request, Jor-El attempted to convince Zod that he was the "Blur" (an identity used by Clark). However, Zod saw through this ruse and let Jor-El go. But, Jor-El was attacked by a mysterious attacker, who fatally wounded him. Jor-El died in Clark's arms and asked him to save Zod.



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