For his son and Superman's father, see Jor-El II (Earth-One).

Quote1.png Planet Krypton was born over 6 billion time cycles ago from a gaseous mass flung off by our giant red sun... Yet until only 10,000 years ago, Krypton was still primitive wilderness-- But in those 100 centuries, a race of intellectual supermen evolved and a scientific empire was born! It is a world of awesome beauty-- With such wonders as the Jewel Mountains-- Monstrous peaks of pure crystal... Formed of the skeletons of giant crystal birds which filled the skies of prehistoric Krypton. But men dared challenge this world's often brutal nature, successfully carving their cities into the harsh, frozen wastes of Krypton's poles-- Creating the dazzling splendor of Antarctic City! Thus the greatest civilization in the history of our world came to be-- For never have the people of Krypton hesitated in facing the unknown-- Nor have we turned from any quest for knowledge which could bring us even greater glory as a people! Below us, Jor and Nim, my sons, is Kandor-- The capital of our world-wide government-- And a source of pride to the El family! For it was our ancestor who made such a government possible by drafting the planet's constitution! Statesmen... scientists... soldiers-- The Els have been a part of Krypton's history for five millennia! And just as I have devoted my life to continuing this family tradition, one day you will have a chance to aid your people... And enter into history... Quote2.png
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Like many in his family, Jor-El was a respected scientist and a patriarch of the noble House of El.

To the amazement of his colleagues, he succesfully created an experimental rocket-ship capable of traveling through hyperspace. Jor-El personally embarked upon a one-man journey to the Sol System wherein he discovered a small habitable world known as Earth. Returning to Krypton he kept extensive notes concerning Earth and passed them down to his first son, Jor-El II. It was the elder Jor-El's readings of Krypton's core which also drew his son to conclude from his notes that Krypton was doomed. Jor-El the First was stricken comatose by a marauding Ice-Bird while visiting the Kryptonian South Pole with his son to show him a hidden starship, which had been sequestered in a frigid cavern by ancient Krull colonists. It was after Jor-El II made his plea to the Science Council and was rejected that Jor-El I opened his eyes one final time, to tell his son of the ship and the cave before expiring. However, Jor-El II had not the resources or time to locate the Krull ship by himself and use it to save the Kryptonian race. After Jor-El II succeeded in his election to the Science Council, Jor-El I's assistant Mar-Ko contacted him to reveal his independent discovery of the Krull ship. Jor-El II took the ship on its test-flight, but by a freak accident, the ship collided with an experimental rocket launched into space illegally by Jax-Ur. This had the effect of altering the rocket's flight path so that it struck and destroyed Krypton's moon of Wegthor, a crime for which Jax-Ur was imprisoned in the Phantom Zone, while the Krull ship was sufficiently damaged that it blew apart shortly after it landed back upon Krypton's surface.[1] While his discovery of the Krull ship came to naught, Jor-El I's account of Earth inspired Jor-El II to send his own child Kal-El to the planet when the end came.


  • Under a yellow sun, he would gain powers equal to that possessed by Superman.



  • This version of Jor-El I (Earth-One), including all history and corresponding appearances, was erased from existence following the collapse of the original Multiverse in the 1985–86 Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series. Even though versions of the character may have since appeared, this information does not apply to those versions.



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