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Jordan Cross was a precognative metahuman.

Early Life

Jordan was born during the 1989 meteor shower, in Smallville, Kansas. His mother had been hit and killed by a meteorite. As a result, Jordan was born with an ability to get visions of people's death, when they made physical contact with him.[1]

Out of a desire to protect the boy, Jordan's father home schooled the boy, for much of his life. Keeping him away from other people, so Jordan wouldn't have to live with constant visions of people dying.[1]

Season Three

In 2004, Jordan decided to try and go to a regular school and enrolled at Smallville High School. One day, Jordan made physical contact with Coach Joseph Altman and saw a glimpse of Altman committing suicide. However, when Altman did attempt suicide, it was prevented by Clark Kent. Never had one of Jordan's visions been prevented. But it wasn't without a price.[1]

Shortly after, when Jordan encountered Megan Calder, he saw her burning to death. He desperately tried to warn her, but just scared her away. When Megan disappeared, Jordan found himself suspected of involvement in her disappearance, so he ran off. Bumping into Lana Lang, he saw a vision of Lana dying in the same fire as Megan (despite previously having seen a vision of Lana dying as an old woman).[1]

Joining forces with Clark, he and Jordan discovered that coach Altman were behind their future deaths. As Altman hadn't died, when he was originally supposed to, he had learned about the two girls' involvement in the death of his own daughter and blamed them.[1]

Jordan and Clark managed to save the girls, but Jordan died of smoke inhalation. Clark was able to revive him, using CPR.[1] However, when Jordan had died, the Kryptonite in his body was neutralized.[2][3] As a result, Jordan lost his ability and was finally able to live an ordinary life.[1]

Smallville: Visions

Four years later, Jordan was traveling through Metropolis, with his friend Zach. The two stopped off at a concert at a gum factory, where they got their hands on some gum that had been tainted by Kryptonite. This returned Jordan's ability and he saw a vision of himself and Pete Ross murdered by Lex Luthor. The vision prompted Jordan to reach out to Clark for help. However, this also led to Lex getting on Jordan's tracks and had him abducted. Lex wanted to use Jordan's ability to escape his own eventual death and forced Jordan to see all the possible ways that he could both die and could've died in the past. Clark managed to rescue Jordan and took him to a hospital, where the doctors determined that the Kryptonite in his system would be gone in a few days. Once more removing his ability. However, what Jordan had seen of Lex's possible futures had traumatized him deeply. To weaken it, Clark allowed Jordan to touch him and have a vision of Clark's future. Something that Jordan was deeply grateful for.[4]


  • Precognition: (Formerly) Jordan had the ability to see the deaths of the people he was in physical contact with at the time.[1]

  • Jordan Cross was played by Joseph Cross.
  • Jordan's interactions with Clark and Lana (usually portrayed as a great beauty, whom all the boys at school wants to date[5][6]) hints that he might be gay.[1]