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Jordan Kent is the son of Earth’s only superhero Superman and the world’s most famous reporter Lois Lane. He has inherited his father’s superpowers.

Early Life

Jordan was born a few minutes before his twin brother Jonathan.[1] When the twins were born, their parents took them to the Fortress of Solitude and tested them for superpowers. The tests indicated they were unlikely to develop powers and therefore Clark decided not to reveal his secret to them, although Lois wanted to.

While Jonathan was outgoing and popular, Jordan was socially withdrawn and suffered from a severe anxiety disorder. Jordan was very close to his brother who would often try to protect and look after him, but occasionally felt jealous of how everything came easily to Jonathan. He also had a distant relationship with his father, who was often absent and who he feared preferred Jonathan to him.[2]

As a child Jordan took piano lessons, but quit when his anxiety got too bad for him to perform.[3]

Season One

The week that the Kent brothers started high school, their grandmother Martha Kent suddenly died. At the funeral reception in Smallville they met a local girl named Sarah Cushing who Jordan was instantly smitten with. While attempting to impress Sarah, Jordan fell from a hayloft and a stack of heavy metal poles fell on him. Jonathan threw himself on top of Jordan, seemingly shielding him, and both boys walked away with only minor injuries.

While their parents were in town, Jordan and Jonathan investigated the barn and found a secret underground chamber where their father’s space pod was stored. When Lois and Clark returned, the brothers confronted them and Clark revealed that he was Superman, and that they believed Jonathan had inherited his superpowers. Jordan was devastated by the years of lies, blaming his half-Kryptonian nature for his mental health problems, and by the implication that Jonathan was the better and more worthy son.

That night, Jordan went to a party at the Shuster mines with Sarah, who revealed that she had seen him taking his psychiatric medication and that she had mental health issues of her own, having attempted suicide the previous year. Jordan mistook Sarah's friendly overtures for romantic interest and kissed her, and her boyfriend Sean then attacked him. Jonathan stepped in to defend Jordan but Sean and his friends overpowered and began beating both brothers. While watching his brother get assaulted, Jordan suddenly demonstrated heat vision, blasting a nearby bonfire and causing an explosion which scattered the partygoers.

Clark arrived and took them both back to the farmhouse, where Jordan remembered that when Jonathan jumped on top of him, he had felt a surge of strength and turned them over so that Jordan was shielding Jonathan instead, revealing that he was the one with superpowers. Clark admitted to Jordan that he hadn’t always been there for him but promised to do better.[2]

The Kents relocated to Smallville, to be closer as a family and to allow Jordan to safely explore his powers. His parents decided to keep him out of school until he had full control over his powers. Clark took Jordan to the Fortress of Solitude where the hologram of Jor-El tutored him on Kryptonian history and culture, telling him he would be the one to ensure the heritage of Krypton survived. The additional attention from his father and the feeling of being special briefly improved Jordan’s self esteem until the tests at the Fortress indicated that, besides above average levels of strength and durability, his displays of superpowers were freak occurrences and he would never be able to use them at will or be like Superman.

When they returned home Jordan was distraught that he was not apparently special and got into a shouting match with Jon, who was angry at his life being disrupted for Jordan’s benefit. That night the brothers made up and he thanked Jon for agreeing to move to Smallville and for always protecting him. The next morning Clark allowed him to go to school as long as he took a signaling device that would allow him to call for help in an emergency.[4]

Jordan and Sarah became friends and they would often hang out together at school, which made him a target for further bullying by Sean and his friends, even after Sarah broke up with Sean. In order to confront his bullies on their own ground he tried out for the football team against Jonathan’s advice, and proved to be an excellent player due to his superior strength and toughness, mowing down the kids who had picked on him. During a drill where players would attempt to tackle each other one on one, he knocked Sean down then apologised for kissing Sarah and helped him up.

Jordan began to come out of his shell as the team accepted him, but when Clark learned that Jordan had joined the team he forbade him to play, fearing he could hurt someone due to his powers. Jordan was upset by this as he believed he barely had superpowers, and bitterly told his father he preferred it when he was absent. Jonathan convinced Clark that playing football was beneficial for Jordan and Clark agreed to let him play if it was what he really wanted, which Jordan assured him it was.[5]

Jordan quickly became the team’s star player and popular among his teammates. His mental health improved considerably and he ceased to have anxiety attacks. He also continued to develop his friendship with Sarah. The twin’s grandfather General Sam Lane came to Smallville ostensibly to watch Jonathan’s first game for the Smallville Crows, but really to chastise Clark for neglecting his heroic duties in Metropolis. Sam saw Jordan play and realised that he had superpowers, and invited himself to stay with the Kents for the weekend. Sam privately told the boys not to distract their father from his duties as Superman, warning them that people could be in danger if the greatest force for good in the world was not totally focussed on his work.

At a party, Jonathan’s friend Tag Harris fled alone into the woods in distress, and the brothers chased after him. They found Tag suffering immense pain from uncontrollable superspeed. As Tag had been injured in the bonfire explosion, Jordan believed that he had somehow bestowed superpowers on Tag. Jonathan wanted to call Clark for help, but Jordan, remembering Sam’s warnings and blaming himself for Tag’s situation, tried to help him. Tag threw Jordan away, knocking him unconscious. Jonathan used Jordan’s ELT to call Clark, who quickly arrived and subdued Tag.

Back at home, Jonathan assured Jordan that he was not responsible for Tag’s problems, which was proved true when Sam explained that government scientists had determined Tag’s powers came from being exposed to an unknown element in the mines. When Clark asked why Jordan had tried to deal with Tag himself instead of calling for help, the brothers revealed that Sam had warned them not to bother Clark with their problems, to their parent’s fury.[6]

Sarah asked Jordan to go on a date to Smallville’s Harvest Festival with her, which was Jordan’s first date ever. The night of the Festival, Sarah and Jordan talked and got closer, however the moment was ruined when Jonathan arrived with two older boys and drunkenly made fun of them both. Disgusted with Jon’s behavior due to her father’s alcoholism, Sarah stormed off. The next day she told Jordan she was not ready to date anyone at the moment, but asked that they stay friends, which he agreed to.

As Jordan was walking home, he was ambushed by Tag, who blamed Jordan for his condition.[7] Tag beat Jordan up but he was able to call his father for help. Superman chased Tag off and Jordan was able to make his way home.

After the attack Jordan began experiencing painful migraines triggered by his developing super-hearing.[8] Jonathan wanted to tell their parents but Jordan was worried Clark would forbid him to play if he knew and begged Jonathan not to tell. The Crows’ next game was against Jonathan’s old team in Metropolis, which was made up of the kids used to pick on Jordan and he desperately wanted to beat them.

At the game, Jordan was temporarily incapacitated by another migraine and did not protect the Crows’ quarterback, resulting in him being hurt when he was tackled by Cutter, Jordan’s former grade school bully. Jonathan was sent in to replace him and the Kent brothers managed to rally the team and lead them to an unlikely victory, with Jordan viciously blocking Cutter when he tried to tackle Jonathan. In the final play, the entire Metropolis team piled on Jordan and the two teams fought. Jordan had another attack and an uncontrollable burst of heat vision, which Clark blocked with his hand.

Back at the hotel room, Jonathan told Clark about Jordan’s migraines and he chastised them for not telling him. Clark had to leave when Sarah’s mother called him and he learned that Sarah had been kidnapped by Tag. When Clark went out to look for Sarah some of their teammates invited them to go out and celebrate, which Jordan enthusiastically agreed to although Jonathan was reluctant. Cutter and some other Metropolis players tracked them down and began to harass Jordan, with Cutter trying to goad him into a fight. Although Jonathan tried to talk him down, Jordan swung at Cutter’s head with his full strength, which would have seriously injured him if it connected. Jonathan caught Jordan’s fist in midair, which shattered the bones in his hand. Jordan was wracked with guilt but Jonathan refused to accept his apology and Clark was furious with him for using his powers in anger.

The next day Sarah told Jordan Tag’s theory and assured him that if something was going on he could tell her. Jordan told her he had no idea what Tag was talking about but she was unconvinced. Having disappointed his father, hurt his brother and lied to his only friend, Jordan broke down crying and told Lois he wished he didn’t have powers. He had another, far more severe migraine and then fell to the floor having a seizure. Clark looked at his brain with his X-ray vision and then frantically flew him to the Fortress.[9]

At the Fortress the Jor-El hologram confirmed Clark's suspicions that Jordan's super-hearing had activated. He attempted to teach Jordan how to control his hearing by focusing on a single sound, but Jordan was unable to handle the sensory overload and was only able to function by using noise-cancelling headphones. He eventually managed to focus his hearing on Sarah, and overheard her and Jonathan talking. Believing that Jonathan was attempting to flirt with Sarah, he punched a hole in the wall in a rage. When Jonathan came home Jordan confronted him, accusing Jonathan of making moves on Sarah. They argued and Jordan was unable to tolerate the pain of Jonathan shouting at him, eventually collapsing when Jonathan slapped the wall.

That night, Jordan overheard their father being attacked. The brothers put their conflict aside to save him and Jordan used his hearing to guide Jonathan in their fathers truck to the warehouse where the fight was taking place. After the attacker was defeated and the family was safely at home Jordan apologised to Jonathan for spying on him and for the fact that Jonathan needed to lie to cover for him. They made up and their parents decided to no longer keep secrets from them, promising to answer any questions they had. Jordan asked them to explain who the man that attacked Clark was.[8]

After injuring Jonathan, Jordan quit the football team. As he went to hand in his uniform he met Sarah, who was considering auditioning for a school musical revue. She was ambivalent about auditioning, but Jordan convinced her to as he had had to quit music was a child. At the audition, Sarah’s father failed to show up as promised and she was too nervous to perform alone, so Jordan offered to accompany her on the piano and the two gave an excellent performance.[3]

During final rehearsals on the day of the revue, Jordan suddenly began sneezing and coughing up freezing air. He called Clark who rushed him home, and Jordan’s condition rapidly deteriorated as he became dangerously ill. Lois and Clark quickly deduced that Jordan had been accidentally infected by a Kryptonite-based bioweapon developed by the Army which Clark had earlier been exposed to. Jordan wanted to go back and not let Sarah down, but he began having difficulty breathing and Clark flew him to the Fortress. The Jor-El hologram scanned him and determined that the Kryptonite in his lungs had caused a respiratory infection and his lungs were filling with fluid. The infection had also triggered his freeze breath and the fluid was beginning to solidify, which would kill him. The only treatment was to burn the Kryptonite out of him. The procedure was intensely painful but Jordan made a full recovery.[10]

The next day Sarah agreed to speak to him and told the twins how she believed her father’s alcoholism had finally gotten too much. Believing she deserved to know the truth they told her that Kyle had actually been possessed and took her to see him where the Army was holding him prisoner. The Kryptonian possessing Kyle mocked Sarah, telling her that her father was dead, and Sarah felt terrible that the last thing her father heard her say was her calling him a drunk. Jordan tried to comfort her and encouraged her to hold onto hope.[11]

After Superman successfully depowered the Subjekts, including Kyle, Lois and the twins took the Cushings home. Sarah thanked the twins for being honest with her and told them she hated how families kept secrets from each other, unaware they were still not telling her the full story. She asked Jon to give her and Jordan a moment alone, and when he did she kissed Jordan and told him she wanted to be more than friends.

However, Jordan’s happiness was short-lived. When the family got back to the farm, they were attacked by Morgan Edge, who had learned Superman’s secret identity and planned to kill his human family to sever his ties to humanity. Jordan tried to fight his uncle off with his heat vision but was no match for the adult full Kryptonian who easily overpowered him. Before Edge could kill them, Superman arrived and agreed to join him in exchange for their lives.[1]

Jordan and Jonathan were both worried about their father, although Lois assured them he had been through worse. The boys wanted to help but felt powerless, until Jon suggested Jordan could use his super-hearing to track Clark down. Jordan’s confidence had been shaken by Edge effortlessly overpowering him, but with Jon’s encouragement he was eventually able to hone in on his father’s location. Clark managed to tell Jordan he was in the Badlands before Edge stopped him, and told Jordan that anyone he sent after them would not find Superman, but someone else. The brothers passed the information to Sam, who sent John Henry Irons after Superman. Although Irons planned to kill Superman, he was able to help him break his brainwashing and Superman reunited with his family, introducing John to them as a friend rather than an enemy.[12]

The school planned an assembly for all students to discuss the events of the last few days. As everyone in town knew that Lois and Sam were involved, the boys were given a story to use if anyone asked them for details. Sick of the treatment from the other students, who blamed her parents for what happened, Sarah walked out of school and Jordan followed her. She took him to a lake she used to visit with her grandmother and they kissed, but they were caught by a sheriff’s deputy and arrested for trespassing as they were technically on private property. They were let off with a warning and handed over to their parents. Jordan and Jonathan were both grounded, as Jon had also skipped class.[13]

Over the next three weeks, Jordan's relationship with Sarah blossomed. Her parents planned to leave Smallville but Sarah assured him that would not happen as they had only a received a single very low offer for their house. Sean invited Jon and Jordan to a party and noticeably snubbed Sarah. Jordan did not want to go without her but she encouraged him to. At the party Sam attempted to call him and tell the brothers to return home as Edge had returned, but Jon told Jordan to ignore the call. Midway through the party Sarah arrived and told Jordan that her father had accepted a job in another town and they were going to move away. Jordan wanted to try to keep their relationship going long-distance but Sarah was unsure if they could make it work.

Edge and Leslie Larr attacked Metropolis and fought Superman and John Irons while Lois reported live on the scene. The partygoers watched the broadcast and saw Leslie almost kill Lois but Irons saved her. That evening, Sam tracked Jon and Jordan to the party and took them home, but along the way Edge attacked their car and caused it to crash. Jon tried to shoot Edge with Sam's Kryptonite gun, however Edge was too fast and easily dodged the bullet and kidnapped Jordan. Right before Edge carried him away he told Sarah he loved her. Edge took Jordan to his hideout beyond the range of Superman’s senses or Irons’ sensors and implanted Zeta-Rho's consciousness into him,[14] also enhancing his powers to the level of a full Kryptonian.

In Jordan’s body, Zeta ordered the Eradicator to resurrect the Kryptonian Defense Council. He then went to a volcano in Japan and temporarily released control over Jordan, who called out to Superman for help. When Superman arrived Zeta took control and attacked him, but Superman refused to fight back for fear of hurting his son. Zeta eventually left when he heard the Eradicator resurrect the Defense Council.

Zeta lead the Eradicator and the Defense Council to attack the Shuster Mines, where the Eradicator would use the vast quantities of X-Kryptonite to convert the entire population of Smallville into Kryptonians, while Zeta and the Council protected him. As Zeta expected, Superman and John Henry Irons attacked them. Irons knocked Zeta unconscious with a red solar blast and carried him to the Kent Farm where Lois used a Kryptonian device to enter his mind, trying to reach Jordan and help him resist Zeta. Zeta realised what she was doing and woke up, attacking Jon Kent. Lois was able to find Jon trapped inside his mind and help him fight Zeta-Rho. Jordan destroyed Zeta’s consciousness inside him, just in time to prevent him killing Jon.

At a victory party at the Cushing’s house after Edge was defeated, Jordan reaffirmed to Sarah that he loved her, she replied that she loved him too.[15]

Season Two

However, over the next three months they drifted apart. Jordan took Sarah to her favorite lake but she was not receptive and claimed she was sick, and that night Jonathan warned him that Sarah may be planning to break up with him.[16]

John Henry Irons and his daughter Natalie, who had escaped her dying reality, moved into the Kent farmhouse. They took Jordan's room and he moved in with Jonathan. At school, Sarah continued to be standoffish and chose to spend time after school with Natalie rather than him.

Jordan accompanied his father and the supposedly powerless Tal-Rho to Tal-Rho's Fortress, where Tal-Rho activated a hologram of Lara to scan Clark to determine the cause of his recent mysterious seizures. While the Lara hologram was scanning Clark, Tal-Rho asked Jordan if his mother also favored his "weakling" brother, but Jordan refused to engage with him. When Clark began suffering a seizure, Tal-Rho broke free of his restraints, showing that he still possessed his powers. Tal attempted to kill Clark but Jordan defended him. Although his powers had grown since their last encounter and he managed to put up more of a fight, Tal-Rho still overpowered him and almost choked him to death until Clark recovered and saved him.

That evening, Sarah confessed to Jordan that she had kissed another girl at summer camp.[17] Natalie, who Sarah had confided in, told Jordan that Sarah had hated keeping a secret from him, and pointed out that he was also keeping a secret from her. Jordan decided to tell Sarah the truth about his powers and their family, but Clark flatly refused to let him. They argued about it and Clark, who was being affected by his psychic link with Bizarro, became uncharacteristically furious, yelling at the top of his voice and almost blasting Jordan with his heat vision. After Clark's anger passed, he agreed that if Jordan still felt the same about Sarah in a year as he did now, he could tell her. He also gave Jordan a pendant which his adoptive father had given to Martha when they were teenagers to give to Sarah. Jordan gave Sarah the pendant and they reconciled.[18]

The next day, Jordan and Sarah went to a convenience store owned by a friend's family. He noticed two men attempting to shoplift liquor and discretely used his Super-Breath to create a patch of ice in their path, so they slipped and dropped the stolen goods. Their friend called the police, revealing that the store was covered by CCTV which would have caught Jordan using his powers. Jordan called Sam in a panic, who was able to remotely corrupt the files, protecting Jordan's secret. That night, Jordan asked Sam to train him in secret so he could help his father in the field.[19]

Sam and Jordan began training, and Sam asked Jonathan to join in so he could compare Jordan's abilities to a baseline. After being embarrassed by Jordan's effortless superiority, Jon challenged him to a "sparring match" that quickly degenerated into a fight, with Jonathan demonstrating enough strength and durability to fight Jordan evenly. Jonathan remained unusually aggressive for the rest of the day, and when Jordan tried to confront him about it that evening they argued until Jon's eyes suddenly glowed red. Jordan realised that Jon had powers, which Jon claimed had only recently developed and asked Jordan to keep secret from their parents, claiming he was afraid Clark would make him quit the football team.[20]

Jordan was excited to share the experience of having powers with his brother, but Jon wasn't as enthusiastic and didn't want to talk about it. Jordan found an empty canister in their room, which Jon claimed belonged to his girlfriend Candice. Jon was given the opportunity to start in a game between the Smallville Crows and their bitter rivals, as the team's usual starting quarterback Timmy Ryan was supposedly ill. Jordan went to the game with Sarah, and watched Jon lead the team to a crushing victory. They learned from a friend that Timmy was not sick but had been pulled from the team after his mother caught him huffing a strange gas from a canister. Jordan confronted Jon in the locker room and found a full canister in his bag, and realised that Jon was using X-Kryptonite to given himself powers. They argued and Jon almost blasted Jordan with his heat vision. Jon immediately calmed down and tried to apologise but Jordan refused to listen and they went home in silence.[21] Jon was caught with drugs at school, refused to give up his dealer and was expelled.[22]

A week later at school Sarah told Jordan that she had been talking to Aubrey, the girl who she had kissed at summer camp. She told Jordan that she wanted the three of them to be friends and asked him to hang out with them after school. Jordan was distracted when he overheard a strange adult harassing Candice and agreed without thinking. He realised that Candice was Jon's dealer and the man, called Mickey, was her supplier. He confronted Jon, who admitted it was true and told him that Candice needed to sell the X-Kryptonite to save her family from bankruptcy. Jordan agreed to keep it a secret.

That night, as he was about to go into the diner to meet Sarah and Aubrey, his super-hearing picked up Jon and Candice being attacked by Mickey, who had used X-Kryptonite to give himself super-strength and speed. Jordan ran to them at super-speed and fought Mickey off, hiding his identity with a hood. Afterwards he returned to the diner, but decided not to go in. Meanwhile John Henry and Natalie moved out of the farmhouse into their own place.[23]

Clark pursued Ally Allston into the shadow dimension and did not return. Jordan and the rest of the family were worried about him, but as Jordan could not discuss it with Sarah he distanced himself from her and focussed on training with Sam. A month after Clark disappeared, Jordan rescued Kyle from a burning building and was caught by John Henry, who had arrived to put out the fire. Lois learned that Jordan had been training with Sam and forbade him from any further superheroics.

The building was revealed to be a storage facility for X-Kryptonite, and so Sam and Lois realised that the trafficking ring was larger and more dangerous than they had initially believed. Jon convinced Candice to come forward, and she told them the approximate location of the X-Kryptonite processing facility on the outskirts of Smallville. Sam suggested they use Jordan's super-hearing to pinpoint it's location, and Lois reluctantly agreed as the alternatives would take too long. Jordan was able to find the facility and Sam and Lois went to investigate, with Lois instructing Jordan to stay in the car. Sam and Lois were captured by X-Kryptonite enhanced criminals and Sam convinced Lois to call Jordan for help. Jordan easily overpowered the superpowered adults and saved them, but in doing so missed Lana Lang's election victory. Sarah broke up with him due to his behavior over the past month and refusal to explain himself, telling him that she didn't want to be with him if he wouldn't put her first.

That night Jon-El, Jonathan's counterpart from the shadow dimension, came to the farm[24] and attempted to use his pendant to merge with Jonathan. Jordan tried to stop him but Jo-El easily threw him aside. Fortunately Clark chased Jon-El through the portal and arrived in time to break them apart before the fusion could be completed. Jon-El told Clark he couldn't stop what was coming and flew away. Clark told his family everything he had seen in the inverse world, that Jon-El was working for Ally Allston and Ally had fused with her other self and gained immense power.

Jordan repeatedly texted Sarah, hoping to fix thing with her, but she ignored him. Lois took away his phone and advised him to write down all his thoughts and feelings in a letter so he could think about what he wanted to say to Sarah. The next morning Jordan wrote a letter to Sarah revealing all the family's secrets.

Lois went to City Hall to talk to Lana, but she was not there and Sarah claimed she had seen Jon outside her house that morning. Lois came home and told Clark that Jon-El may have captured Lana and Clark let it slip that he had seen Jon-El in Smallville the previous night but had not tried to capture him because Lana would have seen him use his powers. Jon and Jordan were both angry that Clark had chosen to protect his secret rather than warn Lana or take the opportunity to stop Jon-El before he had the chance to hurt anyone. Jordan was also upset that Lois had spoken to Sarah without telling him.

Sarah came to the Kent's, hoping to ask Jonathan if he had seen anything, but Lois told her that Jon had gone straight from her house to Candice's and hadn't seen anything. Jordan was annoyed that Lois would not simply tell Sarah the truth but Lois wouldn't let him interject. As Sarah was leaving Jordan tried to give her his letter but she refused to take it.

Jon-El came to the farm again, having incapacitated Superman with Kryptonite, and Jordan went out to stop him. Jon-El initially dominated the fight but Jordan was able to rally as Jon-El was gradually weakened by the yellow sunlight. Jordan hit Jon-El with a knee to the face that sent him flying into the air and chased after him, flying higher than he ever had before. He defeated Jon-El but then had a panic attack as he realised how high he was and fell back to Earth. Fortunately Superman arrived in time to catch them both. Jordan knocked Jon-El out with a final punch once they were on the ground. Meanwhile Lana's counterpart came through the portal to merge with her but she was stopped by John Henry and Natalie.

Jordan told Lois that he was planning to reveal his secret to Sarah, and she acknowledged that the family seemed to be constantly at odds with each other. Clark came home and she didn't tell him what Jordan was planning to do, but Clark told them all that, since keeping his secret had put Lana in danger and her counterpart would likely come after her again, he thought he should tell her that he was Superman. He said he wouldn't do it if they thought he shouldn't and the entire family agreed immediately and unanimously that he should.[25]

Jonathan was allowed to return to Smallville High School, however, he had become nihilistic and frightened after his encounter with Jon-El and learning about Ally's godlike power. At school, Jordan tried to initiate a conversation with Sarah by getting Natalie to say hello to her, but Sarah simply acknowledged Nat and kept walking. Jon encountered some of his former teammates who blamed him for getting the season cancelled, and ranted at them that their problems meant nothing and the world was about to end. Jordan and Natalie pulled him away and Natalie recognised that Jon was on edge. She suggested that they skip school and took the twins to her home, where she had been secretly building her own suit of armour. She had intended to use it herself to help her dad, but offered it to Jonathan to protect himself from Jon-El. The suit was unfinished and required a power source, so she took the twins into the Shuster Mines to collect X-Kryptonite to power the suit.

The kids made slow progress manually digging the X-Kryptonite from the rock, so Jordan used by heat vision to cut a chunk of it off. He inadvertently caused a cave-in but saved the others with his super-speed, leaving behind the X-K they had already gathered. Although the mission was a failure, they had fun together and got Jonathan out of his mood. They spent the rest of the day hanging out together at the Irons' home and Jonathan and Jordan stayed for dinner with John and Nat.[26]

The next day Clark told the twins that Lana had asked them to stay away from the Cushing family after learning his secret. To take their minds off it, Clark planned a day of farm work for the three of them. Jordan snuck out to talk to Lana and begged her to let him tell Sarah the truth, but she refused and told him that Sarah would never be safe if he was part of her life. Clark tracked him down and took him to the Arctic to practice flying, so Jordan could appreciate the positives of his powers rather than how they had complicated his life. Jordan jumped into a crevasse and was able to overcome his fears and make a sustained flight for the first time. He was unable to control his speed and Clark needed to save him from crashing, but he was still overjoyed to be able to fly. When they returned home Jonathan was visibly hurt at being left out, but before Clark could talk to him he was called away to save Sam from Ally.

Ally drained Clark's energy and he almost died, but John Henry and Natalie were able to resuscitate him and get him to a hospital. John and Lois told the kids that Clark was stable but unconscious, and his powers appeared to be gone, possibly forever.[27] Clark eventually regained consciousness and returned home, but he was severely weakened and his powers were not recharged by the sun. He and John Henry Irons went to the Fortress to find a way to speed up his recovery, and while they were gone the worlds began to merge and the inverse world's sun appeared in the sky. John and Clark returned from the Fortress and told them that there was no way to restore his powers. Their parents assured them that there was still a chance to beat Ally and told them to stick together, and asked Jordan to use his super-hearing to look out for threats.

Lana-Rho attacked the farm and Jordan attempted to fight her off but she easily overpowered him. Fortunately the Irons' arrived and chased her off. Jordan was devastated that he hadn't been able to save Clark, even though Lois told him that it was not his job to protect them. Later that day the Kents went to a town hall meeting Lana was holding to reveal the threat of the inverse world. Clark came as Superman to tell the sceptical townspeople that Lana's story was true and that he had lost his powers. Jordan took Sarah aside during the meeting and admitted he knew about the inverse world, claiming Lois had been investigating it for months.

They went to talk privately and Sarah asked Jordan if the inverse world was the reason he had been distant for months. He said it was and she asked him to tell her everything he knew, assuring him she could handle it. Before he could Lana found them and told Sarah to come home. Suddenly Lana-Rho appeared and Jordan yelled at them to run, revealing his heat vision. Sarah and Lana fled and Jordan attacked Lana-Rho. Once again Lana seemed to easily beat him, but Jordan heard Clark being attacked by Jon-El and was energised by his desire to protect his father. He fought Lana through the school and into the main hall where Jon-El was beating Clark and managed to temporarily get the upper hand over them both, even matching Jon in a heat vision versus arctic vision fight, but he was simply outnumbered and the two inverses began beating him down. He was saved when Natalie arrived in her armour and carrying her father's hammer to help him, and together the two of them defeated the evil dopplegangers.

Natalie disappeared after the fight but Jordan's hearing picked her up at the farm. The Kents went home and she told them that John Henry had disappeared trying to stop Ally and she had nowhere else to go. Lois and Clark told her she could stay with them. The worlds began to merge, and they were transported to Bizarro's dilapidated home on the inverse world.[28] As some things from their house had also been transported over, Clark realised that people and objects were randomly shifting between the worlds as they merged. To their shock, Tal-Rho was waiting for them in the house, having also been transported to the inverse world.

Just as suddenly they were transported back to their own world, but Lois remained behind and was replaced by her inverse counterpart. Natalie managed to reestablish contact with John Henry and left to go into the void and save him. The twins wanted to go with her but she only had one suit and likely even Jordan would have been ripped apart by the journey through the portal without protection. She told them they needed to stay with their family and Jonathan told her that she was part of their family too. She hugged them goodbye and told them she had enjoyed having them as "brothers".

Tal-Rho attempted to fight Ally, but she began to drain his energy too. Jordan heard Tal screaming and flew into the void to save him. He knocked Ally away while she was distracted, then carried Tal-Rho back to Earth. Seeing no other choice, Clark asked Tal-Rho to carry him into space and throw him into the sun, believing that would restore his powers. Clark was able to regain and supercharge his powers. He defeated Ally and undid the merge with help from John Henry and Natalie. At a celebration afterwards, Sarah apologised to Jordan for kissing Aubrey and initially keeping it a secret, and he told her the truth about everything that had happened to him since the poles fell on him in the barn.

Clark took the family on a boat trip into the ocean, where he created a new Fortress in the sea.[29]



Other Characteristics

  • Power Limitation: (Formerly) Due to his human DNA, Jordan’s cells initially absorbed and processed only a limited amount of solar radiation. As such his powers manifested randomly and to a lesser degree than a full Kryptonian.[4] His powers appear to have matured to the point that he has overcome this limitation.[17] He is not as strong as his father but it is unclear if this is due to his human heritage or age.
  • Social Anxiety: Jordan suffers from an anxiety disorder which requires medication.[2]
  • Solar Energy Dependence: Red solar radiation incapacitates Jordan and drains his powers.[8]
  • Vulnerability to Kryptonite[10]


  • ELT: A signal device which plays a high-pitched tone only Superman can hear to summon him for help.

  • Jordan is named after his biological paternal grandfather Jor-El.[4]



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