Jordan Rich was a member of the Gotham City Police Department with a grudge against James Gordon.

Working for the mob in Chicago, Jordan Reynolds was arrested by detective James Gordon. He would have served time, but instead turned state's evidence and entered witness protection, without a single stain on his record. Although he was free, his life was destroyed, now unable to see his wife or children ever again. He grew to resent Gordon for doing this to him, even more so as his hated enemy began to rise through the ranks of the police force in Gotham City, eventually becoming Commissioner.

After the city's year cut off from the rest of America as a No Man's Land, the police department in Gotham undertook a major recruitment drive and Reynolds saw his opportunity. Now known as Jordan Rich, he was able to join the department and get his revenge. He swiped a gun from the Lucky Hands Triad and used this to shoot Gordon three times in the back. It seemed he would get away with it, but the work of Gotham's network of vigilantes and police detectives ensured that he was found out. However, there was insufficient evidence and Jordan walked free. For a while. After Renée Montoya threatened Rich/Reynolds, Harvey Bullock sent her away and took care of things himself.[1] Word spread that he informed the Chicago mob of Reynolds' new name and address, and they subsequently murdered him.[2]

  • Jordan Rich/Reynolds was the antagonist of the Officer Down crossover.



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