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Gangbuster is a street level vigilante in Metropolis. School teacher José Delgado donned the suit to better combat the street gangs in Suicide Slum.

Jose Delgado grew up in the Metropolis area known as Suicide Slum. As he grew older he became a skilled boxer. He went into teaching and ended up as a high school teacher in Metropolis. He became a mentor to Jerry White (the son of Perry White). When Lex Luthor enlisted youth gangs into organized crime under his control, Jose adopted the identity of Gangbuster to deal with the threat posed to the teenagers in his community.

Jose briefly became romantically involved with Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane. When Lois became the target of a heavily armored man called Combattor, who wanted to draw out and fight Superman, Jose fought the super-strong foe. However, the battle ended in Combattor's death and Jose suffered a broken spine, in which he can no longer walk.[1] After being hospitalized, Jose was offered a chance to regain use of his legs via an experimental cybernetic implant. While Jose was going through the delicate surgery and adjusting to the implant, a new Gangbuster (who is later revealed to be an amnesiac Superman) appeared.

Jose later discovered that his implant was developed by LexCorp, and that the implant allowed Lex Luthor to control him. Luthor forced Jose to be outfitted in a special suit of body armor and sent him to attack Professor Emil Hamilton. But fortunately, Hamilton shut down the implant's control signal and freed Jose.

Jose continued to operate as Gangbuster, using the modified LexCorp armor until it was wrecked when he tried to defend Lois Lane from the Apokoliptian robot Turmoil.[2][3] Soon after, Jose's life began to fall apart as he lost his teaching position and was evicted from his apartment building after it was acquired by a LexCorp company. His relationship with Lois also ended as she disagreed with him accepting the help of Lexcorp. Jose desperately wound up as a bodyguard of Cat Grant and the two developed an intimate relationship.[4]


  • Cybernetic Enhancement: When Jose was crippled on duty as the Gangbuster he was forced to accept Lex Luthor's agreement and treatment to return the function of his legs to him. However, Luthor's cybernetic components also allowed him to control Jose's movement if necessary.


Other Characteristics

  • Restricted Mobility: Without the benefit of Lex Luthor's cybernetic enhancement, José Delgado can no longer use his legs.



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