Tank Man was a member of Dr. Jacob Krigstein's The Americans.

Nothing much is known about Jose Delgado's background, except that he was trained and brainwashed by his government as a super-soldier and became a member of the Americans. He and his team, under the directorship of Dr. Jacob Krigstein, were sent out to Singapore to search for, find, and destroy the baby Jenny Quantum, the spirit of the 21st-century. However, in a conflict against the Authority, Delgado fought against Midnighter and was psychologically persuaded by him to forgive Midnighter. They even sympathetically embraced, and he abandoned his villainous role as Tank Man. After the hostilities between Dr. Krigstein and the Authorities peacefully ended, Jose later sent a letter to Midnighter, thanking him for helping him sort out his life. Jose later became a vacuum-cleaner salesman in Tuscon, Arizona, married a woman with an extended family of six children, and planned on moving to Dr. Krigstein's New Indonesia.

He was later killed by Midnighter after failing to convince him to join his Anthem law enforcement organization and his body was later used by Midnighter as a decoy to help him escape capture.[1]




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