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Quote1.png These are no times for a repairer of watches... this changes everything! There will be more bombs. They are the future. Should my son follow me into an obsolete trade? Quote2.png
Josef Osterman src

Josef Osterman was a German-American watchmaker and the father of Jon Osterman. He and his family were persecuted by the Nazi Party for being Jewish, causing him to lead them to America. Years later, he pushed his son into the profession of nuclear science, unintentionally leading him to the accident that transformed him into the nigh-omniscient being known as Doctor Manhattan.


  • Repairing watches


  • Pistol

  • The character first appeared in Watchmen #4, but was not named as anything but "Jon's father" or "my father" (by Jon) until Before Watchmen: Doctor Manhattan #3.
    • All three versions of Jon Osterman's father have different first names, with the original comics character eventually being named Josef, the film version not receiving one and being simply credited as "Jon's Father", and the HBO version being named Hans.