Quote1 I've faced death more times than you can possibly imagine! I'll still be here when you're dead and gone Batman. Gotham will be mine! Quote2
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Deacon Blackfire was a cult leader and enemy of Batman.

Blackfire took Jack Ryder to the Lady of Gotham statue as a sacrifice victim. Batman arrived to battle Blackfire and his disciples and sent them to GCPD.


  • Charisma: Blackfire is able to sway the feeble-minded into following his Order, mostly the homeless and out-of-work thugs.
  • Leadership: Because of his apparent compassion for his cult members, Blackfire commands their loyalty and respect without question. Should he deem someone an enemy, they will attack the target without hesitation.
  • Occultism: Blackfire has knowledge of the occult, seeking to use whatever method he can to extend his life.

  • Deacon Blackfire is first mentioned in Batman: Arkham Origins. In a radio broadcast, a newscaster mentions that Bruce Wayne donated shoes to the Deacon Blackfire Shelter for the Homeless.



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