Quote1 Martydoom is the destiny of all messiahs. It is the only way to validate divine inspiration. The faithful expect their saviors to suffer death, defending their religious principles. There's nothing more boring than a deity who hangs around past his alloted time. I accept this fate, gladly. For haven't I gained my life's ambition? I am the undispited master of Gotham, ruler of the greatest city in the world. What more is there for me to do on this Earth? I have written my heavenly message on the streets of this city, in the blood of its citizens. Anything that I do now, other than dying gloriously, would be anti-climatic. Dramatic balance call for my death. I eagerly await my end. Quote2
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The Cult

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Deacon Blackfire was a conman and cult leader who was over 100 years old at the time of his death, despite appearing much younger. He had discovered the secret to eternal youth, bathing in buckets and buckets of human blood. Blackfire craved power and destruction, and orchestrated his movements toward these goals. During The Cult he formed an army in the sewers beneath Gotham City, largely composed of the homeless and derelict. Blackfire used this army to begin a violent war on crime, which escalated into him taking over the entire city, resulting in it being isolated from the rest of the country. Blackfire captured and brainwashed Batman, temporarily making the Caped Crusader a member of Blackfire's cult. Batman eventually broke his conditioning, but its after-effects made it difficult for him to capture Blackfire. After a brutal search through the sewers with Robin, Batman confronted Blackfire, who demanded that Batman kill him, making him a martyr. Batman refused, and instead savagely beat Blackfire, in front of his army. Blackfire's army turned on him and killed him.

Blackest Night

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Deacon Blackfire was one of the many villains raised from the dead in Gotham City to join the new Black Lantern Corps as zombies during Blackest Night event. Along with Abbatoir, KGBeast, Blockbuster, King Snake, Magpie, the Trigger Twins, and the Ventriloquist, he had received a Black Lantern Ring.[1] He was seen terrorizing the city, and tearing out the hearts of innocents, in churches, to feed on their emotional energies and life force when they were feeling the most compassion.[2]






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