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Joe Chill was Lew Moxon's right hand man.

Since his birth, Chill had a genetic anomaly that would cause an early death. However, it was cut even shorter with Batman's arrival, as at that time he was targeting Moxon and those who were associated with him. Even though it appeared he died after a fight with Batman, his genetic disorder actually saved him, absorving Batman's mutated DNA after getting bit by him, successfully turning Chill into a pseudo-vampire.

Weeks after his supposed death, he rose from his grave and attempted to take Lew Moxon's place as the head of Gotham Organized Crime. He killed Angela, Moxon's widowed wife, to get attention from Batman, planning to kill him and then go after Lew Moxon's son. Joe Chill died as Batman hacked him with an axe.





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