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Joe Chill was the father of the third Reaper and the man who killed Batman's parents.

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Joe Chill kill the Waynes

Joe Chill was the man responsible for killing Thomas and Martha Wayne, the parents of Bruce Wayne, but was quickly arrested the very same night he murdered them.[1][2]

Over the period when Bruce Wayne left Gotham, traveling the world, Chill built up a small criminal empire with a front which includes a legitimate business. He became a man of consequence.

In a hallucination, (taking place after reality was altered by Infinite Crisis) one of the first things Bruce did upon becoming the Batman was to torment Chill for weeks. Paranoid, hiring guards and living in his office, Chill lived on tenterhooks, until the night the Batman came for him. However, instead of killing him, as Chill had expected, he handed Chill the handgun with which he had killed the Waynes all those years ago. The horror of the realization that the Batman was that boy, and what his criminal associates would do to him when they found this out, drove him to take his own life.



  • Joe Chill's death is a matter of controversy due to continuity mistakes:
    • Shortly after "Zero Hour" it was revealed that Batman still knew that Joe Chill had murdered his parents but that Joe Chill had supposedly been killed resisting arrest.[3] It was also revealed that Joe Chill was a contract killer to end the investigation of the Waynes into a pedophile ring and was himself killed by Alexander Horton.
    • These events contradict those of "Batman: Year Two", in which Joe Chill is still alive during Batman's active period. Chill even works alongside Batman to stop a murderer and in the end, Chill is killed in Detective Comics #578. However, Year Two is largely considered an apocryphal storyline.
    • The events of Batman #673 take place in Batman's mind as an hallucination, therefore it can't be considered as his appearance of death.
    • In the comic "Batman: Full Circle", Joe Chill was killed by the second Reaper; Judson Caspian.
  • Joe killed the Waynes on June 26 at 10:47 PM.[4]
    • The Legion #29 gives their death year as 1976, however, in The Batman Files a newspaper article gives the year as 19?9, with the decade number being smudged out.



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