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Joe Collins lead the resistance against The Bruce.

Joe Collins is a possible descendant of the original Joker or Batman[1] and the leader of a resistance against Gotham City's Batman cult. Together with his girlfriend Marya and fellow rebel Dar, he hoped to gain entrance into the cult's citadel through the Batcave. They were successful, but soon captured by the cult's tyrannical leader, The Bruce.

Dar immediately turns traitor on the rebels and Joe slit Dar's throat to prevent him from revealing the location of the Batcave. Afterwards, Joe was surgically modified and brainwashed to become the Joker by Doctor Klibon for an upcoming religious event that involves the slaughter of these villain lookalikes. However, unknown to The Bruce, Klibon deliberately neglected to erase Joe's memories, giving him a fighting chance to escape and end the cult. Joe does escape after regaining some of his old memories during the event.

He hijacks a hover-car and returns to the Batcave where he discovers a old recording from the original Batman, Bruce Wayne, telling whoever had found it that if Gotham should need another saviour, they must don the cowl and fight for what's right. Joe puts on one of Wayne's old Batsuits and confronts The Bruce on the roof of the citadel. The two Batmen engage in battle and Joe is the victor.

He tries to have The Bruce admit to his people that he is no man-god and that the holy ritual event is fixed, but Joe's girlfriend Marya kills him with Dr. Klibon's surgical laser. Months later, the Batman cult is dying but Batman's Legend lives on, with Joe as Gotham's new Batman and Marya as his new Robin.


Joker's Gun (replica, loaded with blanks)



  1. the comic is a little vague on just whose true descendent Joe is.

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