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Quote1 Mean, macho and greased to kick butt. Armed with a bad attitude, a bad haircut, and the baddest power ring in the universe. Quite the man. Quite the specimen. Only trouble is... he's not me! Quote2
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Joe Gardner was an exact duplicate of Guy Gardner made by the Draal, intended to act as a sleeper agent for them on Earth.


He was created when the Draal kidnapped Guy Gardner and probed his mind. Joe has most of Guy Gardner's memories. However, his mental history is incomplete thanks to Guy tampering with the process.[2] When the Draal finished the cloning process, Joe broke free from the lab and escaped toward Earth, where he posed as Guy for a time.[3] During that period, Guy's clone took his place in the Justice League. Even though his fellow Leaguers noticed a change in "Guy"'s attitude, his facade was finally revealed when he executed an alien fugitive taking refuge on Earth.[4] The real Guy Gardner returned in time to expose his evil clone and clean his name. Even though Joe was capable of overpowering the entire Justice League, Guy defeated Joe with the help of his fellow Green Lantern inmates, who teleported Joe back to the Draal spaceship, locked him in a stasis field, and stripped him from Guy's ring, giving it back to its owner.[5]


A few years after his battle with Guy, Joe built a space slave-trading ring, focused on selling former Green Lanterns. During a quest in space, Guy Gardner crossed paths with Joe again and shut his slave trade off, rescuing the Green Lanterns.[6] However, Joe beat Guy and attempted to take his place again on Earth.[7] He ultimately made a deal with Neron, who gave him power and transformed him into the Enforcer.[8]

Joe teamed up with the brute Sledge to lure Guy into a trap, but both criminals were defeated by Guy, who teamed up with Steel.[9] Later on, both Enforcer and Sledge worked again under the orders of Martika and the Quorum, who had plans for Guy Gardner. Alongside Dementor and Black Serpent, the villains attacked Guy at the same time, but Warrior, with his powers amplified by the danger, defeated them all.[10]

Joe Gardner is a powerful and psychotic man, currently imprisoned in Slabside Penitentiary.[citation needed]

Other Characteristics


  • Many of Guy Gardner's appearances published simultaneously with Yesterday's Sins possibly feature Joe Gardner instead, since different characters seemed to notice the change in Guy's attitude.[11]



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