Joseph Goebbels was a high-ranking Nazi official and propaganda chief of Nazi Germany in the second World War. He especially liked art treasures and stole them from the Jewish minority.

After Joseph Goebbels once again stole art treasures, this time from a Jewish refugee named Jonas Progg, his victim fled to America and told a superhero named Minute-Man about it. Said Minute-Man went to Berlin, stole his pictures, and defeated Goebbels and two of his men. Sorrowfully about that, he began to hear Nazi music on his gramophone.[1]

He forged a plan after the Spy Smasher got more and more popular under the people of Germany. This plan consisted of one of his men intimidating the Spy Smasher, and then beginning make a movie in America, about Spy Smasher getting humiliated by the Nazis. Unfortunalety, some kids caught the actor of Spy Smasher smoking, and discussed how dissapointed they were in the Spy Smasher. The real Spy Smasher heard that and could defeat the Nazis at the premier of the movie.[2]

Goebbels, along with Hermann Göring, also advised Adolf Hitler that the best idea would be to surrender, because of the American, British and Soviet forces pressing from both sides, in which Hitler responded that he would fly to the moon.[3]

After the war would end, Goebbels would flee to the North-Pole, where he would retire and marry an Inuit with his forty bushels of German gold he spirited there.[4]

  • This character is a fictional representation of Joseph Goebbels, a real person. More information on this person can be found at



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