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Joseph Jones was General Glory, a patriotic war hero who resurfaced in the 90s. He became a member of the Justice League International.

Joseph Jones was a soldier in World War II who was granted superior abilities by Lady Liberty herself upon saying the words:

"Lady of Liberty, hear my plea —
For the land of the brave —
And home of the free!"

He became a government agent, under the authority of an Agent Newkirk Sharp. Sharp arranged for "General Glory" comic books to be published, so that people would believe he was a fictional character. In England, his adventures were published in the pages of Tuppenny Fun. Jones also took in kid sidekick Ernest Earnest.

After the war, Jones returned to America with little memory of his past. He would later learn that Sharp had drugged him and given him a new identity. Many years later, he was outbid for a General Glory comic book by Guy Gardner. He persuaded Gardner to let him read the book by offering him the refund price of the bid. Reading the comic, Jones shouts out the magic words and became General Glory again. Shortly after this, he was arrested for treason by the now adult Major Ernest E. Earnest.

It eventually transpired that Sharp had framed Glory to divert suspicion from himself. Ernie confronted him and appeared to be shot, but was narrowly saved by Guy forming a skintight shield over him. Sharp was brought to justice by Glory and the Justice League, and General Glory became a member of the team. Maxwell Lord considered that a true Golden Age hero might be good for their image, and Glory thereafter assists the team from time to time.

Jones would later succumb to a fatal heart attack. While on his deathbed in a hospital, he befriended New York police officer Donovan Wallace. When Jones died, his powers were transferred to Wallace, who became the new General Glory.



  • The character serves as a pastiche of Marvel's Captain America, including a sidekick similar to Captain America's Bucky.
  • He seldom used his abilities, instead choosing to give long winded patriotic speeches. This was actually useful as it drew fire away from other Justice League members, as villains quickly wanted to kill General Glory to avoid having to endure his dissertations on morality.



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