Joseph Kijaro is the tyrannical dictator of the African Republic of Tynanda. He is opposed by a rebel movement led by Christian Ributu from the jungles north of his nation. The rebels gained the support from local villagers and defecting soldiers from the Tynandan Army, who were given better money and medical aid for their families. With the Tynandan Army in shambles which consists of ill-experienced conscripts, and without international support from the United Nations and United States, Kijaro contracted mercenaries and arms dealers from Walker Firearms Inc., while also hiring metahuman mercenaries Scarlet Rose and Skull as his personal bodyguards.

Kijaro later found out that the weapons and vehicles sold by Walker Firearms Inc. were outdated and defective, leading to having his bodyguards to execute the company's leading representative Mr. Martindale. The war against the rebels does not turn in Kijaro's favor when rogue mercenaries Tommy Monaghan, Natt the Hat, Ringo Chen and Hacken stormed the Tynandan capital of Gamin City with a refitted Tiger tank. The mercenaries killed Kijaro's superhuman bodyguards and Kijaro himself is blown up by a direct shot from a tank shell.



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