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  • Unique Physiology: Joseph Martin's physiology was forever changed when a "gene-bomb" exploded in close proximity to him. This reaction caused him to grow in size, gain atomic abilities and gave him his appearance.[1]
    • Energy Projection: Atomic Skull can project his purple atomic energy through his face or hands. Presumably, he can direct the energy from any part of his body but his hands and face are the only parts not covered in armor.[1]
    • Fatal Touch: Atomic Skull can simply grab someone's skin and reduce them to ash. He did this once by grabbing a lawyer by his face and causing him to disintegrate.[1]
    • Superhuman Durability: Immediately after beginning his fight with Superman he was dragged up the side of a building, tackled through rooftops and slapped around by a light pole; none of this greatly harmed him.[1]
    • Superhuman Strength: Superman, himself, has to dodge Atomic Skull's physical blows lest he sustains damage. Atomic Skull demonstrated his strength elsewhere when he ripped a newsstand out of the ground and used it as a shield against Superman.[1]


  • Vulnerability to Water: Atomic Skull was only stopped when Superman dropped him into a large pond. Although Skull evaporated the pond and left it scalding and dry, he was knocked out by the experience.[1]
  • Vulnerability to Energy Absorption: Atomic Skull is able to produce radiation even after having his energy drained or cooled. However this takes time, so if he loses his energy it takes several hours for him to recharge at full power. This means he is vulnerable without his powers.



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