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Joseph Monteleone, better known as Tar Pit, is a hulking pile of hot tar that operates out of Central City, making him an enemy of the Flash.

Forever Evil

When the Crime Syndicate supposedly killed the Justice League, villains roamed the Earth free without anybody to oppose them. Gorilla Grodd claimed Central City for himself, making it his new Gorilla City, but Tar Pit and a few other criminals confronted Grodd about sharing. Ripping off Chroma's head, Grodd pushed Tar Pit and anybody else who opposed him out of the city.[1]

Signing up with the Secret Society, Tar Pit was called upon to help deal with the Rogues who were rebelling against the system the Syndicate had put in place.[2] Tar Pit and the other Society members were sucked into the Mirror World by Mirror Master.[3] Tar Pit was later captured and taken back to Iron Heights when the Flash and the rest of the League returned.

Tar Pit temporarily escaped his cell during a breakout initiated by Girder to save the Flash from being falsely imprisoned.[4]


Once again loose in Central City, Tar Pit was one of only few of the Flash's enemies to not leave Central City when the Speed Force storm turned many normal citizens into speedsters.[5] On the night before Christmas, Tar Pit was forced to rob a toy store in order to pay some criminals a ransom after they had kidnapped Monteleone's niece and nephew. Tar Pit was stopped in the act by the new Kid Flash and sent back to Iron Heights before the hero went and saved the children himself.[6]

Later, Tar Pit was invited to join the Legion of Zoom, a group organized by the Reverse-Flash to finally defeat the Flash.[7]





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