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Joseph "Joe" West is a police detective of the Central City Police Department and Barry Allen's foster father and father-in-law.

Early life

Joe West was born to Ben West. Ben was an officer for the CCPD, and Joe looked up to be just like his father. At some point in time, he met Francine. He proposed to her and asked her father for permission. He said yes. On June 24th, 1989 they had a daughter, Iris West. He actually became a cop just like his father. Around 1995, he got a call from a young girl saying that her mom is sleeping on the couch and won't wake up. When he figured out the address, it was his own home. There was Francine, lying down on the couch passed out, and young Iris standing infront of a burning oven. It turns out Francine was a drug addict. She left then. Joe made up lies to tell Iris that she had a perfect mother. He never knew that Francine was pregnant with a son.

When Iris met and became best friends with Barry Allen, Joe became close to the boy's parents, Henry and Nora Allen.

On the night of March 18, 2000 when Nora Allen was murdered, Henry was framed for the crime. He took Barry in as his foster-son. No one believed what he saw. Only one person did. Iris. December 11, 2013, the particle accelerator went off and Barry was sent into a coma for 9 months. Iris started his partner in crime, Eddie Thawne. That night, him and Fred Chyre were chasing after Clyde Mardon, before Clyde shot and killed Fred. Clyde and his brother, Mark supposedly died in a plane crash. Nearly a few months later in Barry's coma, Harrison Wells confronted him and said that Barry needs to come to S.T.A.R Labs with him and Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow. Joe didn't trust but still did it anyway. Soon enough in October 2014, Barry woke up. There was a bank robbery and a sketch artist helped one of the victims. Car accident happened somewhere. Barry said that he saw Clyde Mardon and that he can control the weather. He said that when he confronted him the street was immediately covered in fog. Joe obviously didn't believe him. That same night, they went to the last place they saw him. Joe and Eddie found him. They both saw him actually control the weather. Harrison, Cisco, and Caitlin allowed Barry to wear an old firefighter suit Cisco made. Barry saved Joe and Eddie's life. They said that they need to keep this a secret from Iris, but promises are not kept.

Not long afterwards on some point in 2015, Francine confronted Joe at CCPD. She said that she was dying. Iris ended up discovering that she had a younger brother. Joe met him at some point. They spent a lot of time together. During the time of Wally meeting Joe, "Jay Garrick" came and revealed the truth about the Multiverse. It was revealed to be his real name is Hunter Zolomon and he killed Barry's father. Barry then created Flashpoint.


In this timeline, Joe lied to Iris about Francine dying, and Cisco's brother was dead. Barry ends up telling the truth about the other timeline called "Flashpoint." Edward Clariss woke up after hearing somebody saying his name. He leads him to a cult. The leader, Alchemy gives Edward his speed back to get his revenge. It was there next husk . They battled for days, untikl after defeating all of the villains from Flashpoint, Wally was the next victim. He was to become "Kid Flash." As an army of cops and the Flash defeated Alchemy, he said they shouldn't have done that. Barry started levitating according to what Joe saw. After Caitlin used her powers she discovered to save Barry from him, H.R and the rest of Team Flash were told his name. "Savitar". H.R actually noticed how the name was similar to the Savitar in Hindu Mythology. It was revealed Iris was destined to die by the hands of Savitar. Barry told Team Flash that he discovered who he was under the suit. It was future Barry. Thankfully Iris was able to kill Savitar and erase him from existence.

The Thinker and Cicada

In late 2018, they got reminded of a criminal they would soon face by Savitar. DeVoe. After running some scans, there were two DeVoes they found. One of them was a baby and the other was a history teacher. He had lost the ability of his legs as revealed when Joe and Barry contronted him. Barry has a suspicion of Clifford DeVoe. Nobody believed Barry until DeVoe figured out Barry was the Flash. He was going to erase everyones memories and he would be there to teach them. But thankfully Barry was going to destroy the satellite. When he did, an Unknown Speedster had helped him. At this time, Joes girlfriend, Cecile Horton was pregnant. She gave birth to Jenna West. The unknown female speedster showed up at the baby shower and revealed she was Barry and Iris' daugther from the future. She wanted to try and help them defeat the meta-humans she accidently created. That night the satellite was destroyed, it created numerous amounts of meta-tech. Joslyn Jackam, and Spencer Young. But on one night, a mysterious figure had killed Gridlock. Nora revealed to them how in her timeline a meta-human killer named Cicada kills meta-humans and the flash never defeats him. But in this timeline, its a different person. Orlin Dwyer is Cidada. His niece was sent into a coma the night the enlightment happened. Orlin blamed it all on meta-humans and started killing them. They managed to convince Orlin to take the meta-human cure. But in the middle of the operation, a girl version of Cicada broke into S.T.A.R Labs and kidnapped Orlin. They eventually killed her, saving Grace. Nora eventually died. Crisis occured and Joe died but was recreated on Earth-Prime.


Joe was born September 9th, 1968



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