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Quote1.png The walls of his carefully constructed existence will come crumbling down around him. The horns will sound and the battle cry will be given. He will beg us for mercy when we are finished, mother. We will give none to him. He will know and tremble at the wrath of Jericho! Quote2.png
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Joseph W. "Joey" Wilson is the second son of Slade Wilson, from whom he inherited the metahuman gene, and Adeline Kane. He has been mute since childhood, when one of his father's enemies cut his throat.[4] In the business world, Joey is the Executive Vice President of Core Policy Group.[1]


  • Enhanced Brain Capacity: Due to his father's genetics, Jericho possesses a metahuman gene, which enables him to access higher brain functions on a cellular level, granting him varied psychic-based abilities.[5][6]
    • Astral Projection: Jericho can separate his "soul-self" from his physical body.[5]
      • Possession: Jericho's soul-self can enter and control the bodies of others. If possessing a meta-human, Jericho has been able to use their powers and abilities, as well as his own powers.



  • Dormant Body: Whenever Jericho leaves his body, it is vulnerable to physical harm due to it being completely immobile.
  • Power Instability: Joseph often had very little to no control over his psychic powers, often unleashing devastating mind pulses which devastated the surrounding area like a small atom bomb.[5]
  • Mental Disorder: Jericho suffered from migraines that stemmed from psychological causes.[1]
  • Mutism: During his childhood, Joseph had his throat slashed by one of his father's enemies. [4][15]


  • Ikon Suit (mark 7 master unit)[3]
  • Subvocal Mic: Jericho has an app that vocalizes his thoughts on his phone via bluetooth, granting him the ability to communicate without having to resort to sign language.
  • Gravity Droplet (Formerly): Jericho accepted from Lex Luthor the power of a gravity droplet in a lechatelierite diode to replace his ruined Ikon Suit, a power that was intended for his father, then taken for dead, but which he eventually accepted after Luthor told him that if he did not accept, perhaps his sister Rose would.[17] The singularity's black-body radiation has turbocharged Jericho's metagenic abilities; in addition to granting him bluish skin and enhancing his mental powers of telekinesis, telepathy, mind control and psionics, the gravity droplet awoke in him the following superpowers:



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