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Quote1.png This is Jericho. He loves hot dogs. Cute kid...just don't look directly into his eyes. Quote2.png
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Jericho is the young son of Principal Slade and the brother of Rose.

Show 'n' Tell

Rose brought her little brother to her class' show and tell. She presented Jericho to her father, who was teaching the class, and he possessed his father. He then declared class was dismissed without homework.[1]

Dad's Day Off

Wilsons and Trigons

Trigon had tickets to a baseball and invited Joseph's father. They then proceeded to take their children out of school and went to the game. Afterwards, they went surfing, fishing, and to a rollercoaster. Rose was excited to tell their friends of their day, but wanting to keep their reputation, Raven and Jericho brainwashed her to keep this a secret.[2]




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