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Quote1.png The only way you'll ever do anything big is by becoming someone else. And tonight is the night, Zedno. Faceless needs a face...even if the face is just a mask. Quote2.png
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Joseph Zedno was a mailman working at the West Gotham Post Office. Zedno held a grudge against those on his delivery route who called him nobody.

After being fired from his job and being called nobody by several people he breaks down and decides to give those people a lesson. He took the alias of Faceless as he started to disguise himself as his victims. Faceless went on a killing spree on Gotham City, attracting Batman's attention.

After he was apprehended by Batman, he was taken to Blackgate Penitentiary. He was seen among the escapees from Blackgate during the Cataclysm that struck Gotham.


  • Disguise: Faceless is able to impersonate his victims; especially by making masks that resemble their faces.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic): He can keep up against a pro fighter as Batman.
  • Weaponry: He is highly skilled using his weapon of choice; a knife. He can also use objects from his environment as weapons.

Other Characteristics


  • Faceless uses whatever material is available to disguise himself as his victim.


  • His weapon of choice is the knife. He can also use every object as a weapon if he needs to.



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