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Josephine MacDonald, also known as Josie Mac, was member of the Gotham City Police Department

Josie Mac had a promising career ahead of her, until she responded to a call and discovered the mayor's wife in bed with an exotic dancer.

Four days after the incident, Josie's mistake of embarrassing the mayor's wife got her moved to the Missing Persons department at the precinct. Josie made the best out of her transfer because unknown to her colleagues, Josie possessed minor psychic powers, which allowed her to find things and people which are lost through picking up 'messages' from inanimate objects.[1]

Josie's first case in Missing Persons got her partnered up with Oscar Castro. The grandson of mob boss Anthony Antonelli was declared missing. The attackers of Antonelli's grandson had shot at policemen who had responded to the struggle before the boy was kidnapped. Josie went to her apartment to review the case and discovered Batman was waiting for her. Batman tells Josie that he is aware of her abilities and warns her to stay away from this case due to dangerous special circumstances. Josie ignored Batman's warning and it got her father killed.

Batman offered his condolences and agrees to help Josie find Anotelli's grandson while at the same time, bringing her father's murderer to justice. Josie and Batman eventually learn that Two-Face was responsible for the kidnapping because Two-Face hated Anotelli for double crossing him on a deal that went bad months ago. Josie and Batman apprehend Two-Face while rescuing Anotelli's grandson.

During interrogation, Two-Face professed that he had nothing to with the murder of Josie's father. Batman believed him but Josie didn't. Josie did some more digging around and discovered that Anotelli's family lawyer David Montassano engineered events to gain control over the Anotelli mob. Montassano was responsible for the deal going bad between Two-Face and Anotelli. He was also responsible for the murder of Josie's father. Montassano figured the death of Josie's father would intimidate her and deter her from pursuing the Anotelli case any further.

Montassano was charged with kidnapping and murder. Josie's partner Oscar Castro retired soon after and Commissioner Michael Akins transferred Josie to the Major Crimes Unit. Josie was the first detective in the unit to be chosen. After filling in for Renee Montoya for a time, Josie was partnered with Marcus Driver on the second shift.





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