Quote1 I've SUCCEEDED! I can go through keyholes, through cracks in walls, through the eye of a needle itself! I shall get RICH, RICH! NOTHING CAN STOP ME NOW! Quote2
-- Professor Doombie src

In the early 1940s, in his secret laboratory in Manhattan, Professor Josephus Doombie perfected a fast-acting atom-compacting Elixer of Size, and its antidote, and decided to use these serums to commit crimes. On his first day as a super criminal, he and his gang were put out of business by the Sandman.




  • Chemistry Laboratory


  • In his first crime, Doombie carries archery equipment, and uses it to anchor a climbing line to a door frame. It's like a more primitive version of Sandman's Wirepoon Gun.
  • Internal evidence points to 1 Nov as the date of Doombie's invention and career change, but does not specify the year. Adventure Comics #67 had a cover date of Oct 1941, and went on sale in Aug 1941.
  • Doombie tests his formula on himself, but it's not stated that this is his first test of it, with a live subject, so Doombie is still less crazy than Darrel Dane.



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