Josephus Kent was a Kansan free-stater and farmer. He and his wife Sarah tried to have a child but lost two babies from stillbirth. After having a third, their latest didn't make it and almost had Sarah dying from childbirth. As his wife was delirious, Josephus was burying his child when he saw Kal-El's spaceship landing nearby. He investigated the vessel and founded baby Kal-El. Josephus adopted the infant Kryptonian and made him his natural son by secretly replacing his deceased third child, naming him Atticus. Josephus didn't revealed this to Sarah and hidden the spaceship under his property. Although he felt it was wrong to making Atticus as his latest son, Josephus was yet happy to have a family and raising Atticus, and teaching him what is right from wrong.

When Atticus grew up, he joined the Union Army, and soon developed his powers which greatly helped the Union to win the American Civil War. By 1865, Sarah was dying. On May 22 of that year, Josephus was at her deathbed when Atticus returned and had one last moment with his foster mother. After Sarah's funeral, Josephus felt that it was the appropriate time to tell Atticus the truth of his origins. He directed Atticus to his spaceship where he learned his Kryptonian origins. Josephus was later present at Atticus' departure to the western frontier to live among the Native Americans in order to find his destiny.



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