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Josh Keaton (b. February 8, 1979) has voiced a number of characters for DC related projects. His earliest, young Michael Stromwell for the Batman episode "It's Never too Late", was credited under his birth name Josh Weiner. His later work under his stage name includes:

For the Lego Batman franchise he took over voicing the roles of Hal Jordan/Green Lantern and Nightwing from Cam Clarke and Captain Marvel/Shazam from Travis Willingham beginning with Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

Work History

Acting Credits

Batman: The Animated Series 1992-1995 Young Michael Stromwell
     "It's Never too Late" September 10, 1992 Young Michael Stromwell
Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths February 23, 2010 Flash
Green Lantern: The Animated Series 2011-2013 Hal Jordan
     "Beware My Power" November 11, 2011 Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
     "Razer's Edge" March 17, 2012 Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
     "Into the Abyss" March 24, 2012 Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
     "Heir Apparent" March 31, 2012 Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
     "Lost Planet" April 7, 2012 Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
     "Reckoning" April 14, 2012 Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
     "Fear Itself" April 21, 2012 Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
     "In Love and War" April 28, 2012 Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
     "Regime Change" May 5, 2012 Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
     "Flight Club" May 12, 2012 Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
     "Invasion" May 19, 2012 Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
     "Homecoming" May 26, 2012 Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
     "The New Guy" September 29, 2012 Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
     "Reboot" October 6, 2012 Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
     "Steam Lantern" January 5, 2013 Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
     "Blue Hope" January 12, 2013 Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
     "Prisoner of Sinestro" January 19, 2013 Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
     "Loss" January 26, 2013 Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
     "Cold Fury" February 2, 2013 Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
     "Babel" February 9, 2013 Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
     "Love is a Battlefield" February 16, 2013 Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
     "Larfleeze" February 23, 2013 Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
     "Scarred" March 2, 2013 Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
     "Ranx" March 9, 2013 Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
     "Dark Matter" March 16, 2013 Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam November 9, 2010 Punk
Young Justice 2010- Black Spider
     "Insecurity" March 31, 2012 Black Spider
     "Rescue Op" January 11, 2019 Black Spider
Wilhelm Vittings
Red Hooded Ninja
Batman: Arkham Origins October 25, 2013 Dick Grayson/Robin[1]
Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham November 11, 2014 Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
Billy Batson/Shazam
White Lantern
Infinite Crisis March 26, 2015 Aquaman
Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles 2015-2015 Various
     "Bomb" June 10, 2015 White House Aide
Air Force Pilot
     "Big" June 12, 2015 Kobra Guard
Justice League: Gods and Monsters July 14, 2015 Orion
Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom August 25, 2015 Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
DC Super Hero Girls 2015-2018 Various
     "Welcome to Super Hero High" October 1, 2015 Hal Jordan
     "Clubbing" January 14, 2016 Flash
     "Double Trouble" July 28, 2016 Flash
     "Franken-Ivy" August 9, 2016 Steve Trevor
     "The Cheetah Who Cried Wolf" October 6, 2016 Steve Trevor
     "Riddle of the Heart" November 17, 2016 Flash
     "Hero of the Month: Lady Shiva" January 12, 2017 Flash
     "Tales from the Kryptomites, Part 2" February 23, 2017 Flash
Steve Trevor
     "Seeing Red" March 2, 2017 Seeing Red
     "Around Metropolis in 80 Seconds" March 16, 2017 Flash
Steve Trevor
     "Fresh Ares, Part I" July 20, 2017 Steve Trevor
     "Fresh Ares, Part II" July 27, 2017 Flash
     "Fresh Ares, Part III" August 3, 2017 Flash
     "Gorilla Warfare" October 26, 2017 Flash
     "Dog Day After School" November 23, 2017 Steve Trevor
     "It's a Superful Life" November 30, 2017 Flash
     "Ring Me Maybe, Part I" January 18, 2018 Green Lantern
     "Ring Me Maybe, Part II" January 25, 2018 Flash
     "Ring Me Maybe, Part IV" February 8, 2018 Flash
     "Nevermore, Part 2" May 10, 2018 Toddler's Dad
     "Tamaranean Dance Club, Part 1" June 7, 2018 Flash
     "Tamaranean Dance Club, Part 2" June 14, 2018 Steve Trevor
Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Cosmic Clash February 9, 2016 Green Lantern
Super Hero High March 19, 2016 Flash
DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year August 9, 2016 Flash
Green Lantern
Steve Trevor
DC Super Hero Girls: Intergalactic Games May 9, 2017 Flash
Steve Trevor
Lego DC Super-Villains October 16, 2018 Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
Blue Beetle
Lego DC Batman: Family Matters July 21, 2019 Board Member
Batman: Soul of the Dragon January 12, 2021 Jeffrey Burr

  1. Keaton is the second actor credited to voice Grayson for the Arkhamverse video games. He was preceded by Quinton Flynn for Batman: Arkham City and followed by Scott Porter for Batman: Arkham Knight.

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