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Breacher was the father of Gypsy and the former leader of the Collector Agency.


  • Dimensional Travel: Breacher is able to travel to anywhere he wishes, be it a short distance to circumvent obstacles or to another universe. Due to his years of experience, he is capable of attacking the moment he exits a breach instead of taking time to get his balance.
  • Dimensional Awareness: As Breacher tells Cisco, he can tell when a breach is opened, even if he did not open them himself.
  • Energy Projection: Breacher is capable of shooting concentrated blasts of dimensional energy from his hands. He can make the hits hard enough to kill if he wishes, but he often only needs enough force to knock out his targets.



  • Knife: Breacher states that he has a knife that was taken from the body of someone he hunted from Earth-48. The knife is shown able to cut through a shield barrier that Cisco stated was built to hold the Reverse-Flash.

  • The knife the character wields is somewhat large and reminiscent of a machete, likely a reference to Breacher's actor Danny Trejo's popular film role of Machete.